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BC Offensive Coordinator Watch Day 32 And The Big Finish

Brian: We are now into month #2 of Boston College's offensive coordinator search, and we still don't have an OC to replace Gary Tranquill. For those keeping track at home, today is day 32. This program hasn't had an Offensive Coordinator now for 1/12 of the year.

So what, exactly, is the hold up? What is Spaz waiting for? And what does the delay in naming a replacement for Tranquill mean for the candidacy of internal candidates Ryan Day and Dave Brock? Your thoughts?

Jeff: Well, I think the first thing we need to address is, Who is making this decision? Spaz is not making this decision alone. There is no chance GDF lets that happen. Tranquill was too big of a disaster for Spaz to be allowed to make this decision and we know that GDF likes to have his hands on all things football. When there is finally a press conference to announce the new offensive coordinator, they might say it was Spaz's choice, but we know that's not all true.

I think GDF and Spaz realize that the internal potential promotees are not going anywhere. Recruiting season is done. So why rush? Potential NFL candidates might be waiting to find out more about their labor talks before leaving for BC as well. Given the timing, there is no reason for anyone to rush. We might go close to another month before we hear something.

Brian: I agree about questioning who is making this decision. As you said, the last two years under Gary Tranquill were painful to watch and that hire was all on Spaz. It's important to get this hire right. At the very least, bring in someone that runs a more exciting, competent offense, especially with just six home games on next year's schedule.

However, I'm going to disagree about the urgency of the hire. Another month?! Spring practices start in a month, and the spring game is a little over two months away. We need to get an OC in here now to start defining the offense and working to establish a playbook that plays to the strengths of Montel Harris, Chase Rettig and the Eagles' offense. It's a good point about waiting for NFL labor talks to finish, which could open up the pool of candidates available. But I just don't think GDF, Spaz and the program can afford to sit on this hire for much longer. We need to move forward and start building for the 2011 season.


Big Finish

Jeff: Wisconsin handed #1 Ohio State its first loss of the season and Texas A&M edged Texas Tech in today's men's hoops action. Good for RPI?

Brian: Of course. Now about those 9 points South Carolina scored in the first half ...


Brian: This year's NCAA Tournament will have staggered start times, meaning not only will every game be televised, but you have a much less chance of missing the beginning of tournament games due to buzzer beaters and overtimes. Will we be enjoying a BC NCAA Tournament game in its entirety this year?

Jeff: Yes, BC will make the Dance.


Jeff: UNH got four points last weekend with a sweep of Maine, but lost to Merrimack last night. What are the chances BC surpasses the Wildcats to win the Hockey East regular season?

Brian: I'd say BC has a 50 percent chance right now -- basically, a toss-up.


Brian: BC hoops' Chris Kowalski has moved from the baseball diamond to the basketball court. What's a tougher transition in your opinion? Baseball to basketball, or baseball to football?

Jeff: Baseball to basketball is easier because of more similar weight lifting routines.


Jeff: Last one. The BC men and women will be going for the Beanpot title on Monday and Tuesday night. Will both Beanpot Championship trophies come to the Heights? 

Brian: Yes. Harvard has owned the women's Beanpot -- winning 9 of the last 12 titles -- but both programs bring home the Beanpot for the first time in school history.