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Faith Ekakitie Commits To Iowa Over Boston College, Via YouTube

BC target Faith Ekakitie, one of the better defensive ends in the country, has committed to the Iowa Hawkeyes. Ekakitie, a four-star from Lake Forest Academy in Illinois, choses Iowa over Boston College and Georgia Tech ... via YouTube, natch.

Ekakitie, who has been writing a very honest blog at, has been publicly weighing the pros and cons of signing with either Boston College or Iowa. Here's what he had to say about his final decision:

"At this point you can see where this decision would become extremely difficult for me to make. Here we have two schools that both have tremendous things to offer me. What would be the deciding factor between BC and Iowa? A Gut feeling. That's all, not the coaches, players, degrees, or even football. It all really came down to where I truly felt at home. And I'm proud and extremely happy to announce that the gut feeling has led me to continue my career at the University of Iowa."

Ekakitie also has some honest and straightforward thoughts about people from the East coast (I laughed) ...

"For my first time ever being on the east coast, I wasn't too impressed with the people. No offense to people from the east coast lol, but you guys are a little cold shouldered, whether you realize it or not."

... the players, after visiting campus for the Florida state game:

"As the the BC players, they are for the most part level headed kids with goals. This is definitely not a bad group of kids to surround yourself with for the next four years. However, the tension between the teammates was there, I didn't ever comment on it, but I could definitely sense it. Now I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt especially after coming off a tough loss to FSU that same day, I can see where some of the players would be a little frustrated."

... and the BC coaching staff.

"As I've gone though this process, I've learned to never base any of my decisions on the coaches. Why? Because of the simple nature of this business. Nobody knows if the coaches are going to be around forever, and I'm definitely no exception to that rule. However, my player-coach relationship with the coaches at BC is probably the strongest. I found it very easy to buy into what was being taught at BC, and I felt comfortable while spending time with the coaches."

It's a very interesting inside look at the recruiting process and the thought process of a highly sought after recruit. Definitely worth a read.