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BC Interruption Turns 4 (Happy Birthday To Us)

I ended up missing this milestone yesterday, but BC Interruption turned four years old on Tuesday, which in blog years is DAMN OLD. Yes, Jeff and I enjoy Wednesday night Bingo with Gary Tranquill at the nursing home, why do you ask?

Anyhow, we've come a long way from our humble beginnings and have you, our readers, to thank for keeping us going. A tip of the cap to our newest front page contributors A.J Black, Conrad Kaczmarek and Salzano14, too. Without all of you, there's no BC Interruption.

/ end sappiness

This is probably the part where I'm supposed to say something profound, but I'll just skip that and just give you some blog stats.

-- 1,282 community members
-- 2,748 stories
-- 1,060 FanShots
-- 129 FanPosts
-- 1.6 million visits and 2.5 million page views since joining SB Nation in September 2009
-- 2,478 Twitter followers
-- 430 Facebook Likes

On to year 5, and Go Eagles!