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And The Frank Spaziani Excuse Train Just Keeps On Chugging

Earlier this week I contemplated a thought regarding my posting here at BCI. Some of our readers, my Dad included, have complained that we have spent too much time berating Frank Spaziani, and we should move on. Yesterday I started to actually agree with them. Basing this not on the supporters being right, but rather because everything that could be said about Spaz has been said. That was until Frank Spaziani opened his mouth again and another columnist rushed to the aid of BC's head coach.

Today in the Boston Herald, Ron Borges -- who hardly ever talks about college sports -- opened Pandora's box again with a doozy of an article entitled "Frank Spaziani Stays Positive".

Let's start with a new gem from our boy Spaz:

"I don't think there's a reason for doom and gloom. I know we're in a better spot than we were three years ago. I know you go eight wins, seven wins, four wins it looks on the surface like a trend you don't want to happen but let's be honest: We're not a reload program."

We are better than we were three years ago? I don't even have to open up a website to know this a crock of bull. You know where BC was three years ago? Losing to Virginia Tech in the ACC Championship game. And guess what? They were bowl eligible too. Man those were some nice times. Does Spaz honestly believe that the 2011 BC Eagles were better than the 2008 Eagles in any capacity? Find me a statistic, one statistic in which this team was superior to that team. And no, Ryan Quigley's punting average doesn't count.

And yes Spaz, three years is a trend. And a trend from championship contender to basement dweller is pretty damning. We have just watched a whole slew of coaches get canned for records even better than yours. And many of them have coached those teams for fewer seasons. When should we expect this reload to happen?

The excuse train is in full swing as Borges completely buys into all of the anti-Jagodzinski propaganda that GDF is still spreading

When Spaziani took over in January of 2009 after the shocking firing of Jeff Jagodzinski followed his decision to interview for a coaching job with the New York Jets despite athletic director Gene DeFilippo's prohibition against it, BC's record was frankly better than its talent. At least better than the talent that was left. Jagodzinski favored a spread offense, which is fine if you can stockpile enough talent to keep it running. Problem is at a place like Boston College that is easier said than done. Take, for example, the quarterback who was supposed to run it.

BC didn't have dynamic talent to run the spread offense? Rich Gunnell was a nice player, but was he a superstar that would be impossible to replicate? Nope. Alex Amidon and Bobby Swigert could both be very successful in a spread system. Dominique Davis wasn't all that great either, but BC's offense was still better than it was this year. The reason this team put up points was the coaching and system that was put into place. Borges even trips up on his own words and admits that. How else would a team play better than it's talent? Who is feeding Borges the misinformation that BC doesn't have the talent to run the spread? I have one guess, and I bet you all know who I am thinking about.

Truth be told, after about 20 defections for various reasons, BC was picked to finish last in the ACC in 2009. Unfortunately for Spaziani, they ended up playing in the conference title game, thereby masking fissures in the program that would eventually rupture.

Did I miss something here? Borges might want to check his facts there.

The rest of the article is the usual Gene DeFilippo talking points about 2011's failure. Coaching turnover, injuries, young team. I don't need to beat those points to death. My question is, when is this Frank Spaziani excuse tour going to end? As many posts that Brian, Jeff and I post about Spaz's failings, they are matched by an HD/Borges/Blaudschun who continue to spew the GDF bullet points. We get it. No one cares Gene, move on.

This article just reeks of BC Athletics, who at this point have heard from many alumni and former football players who have said enough is enough. They know this is the time most alums donate to the school, and I'm sure they have heard a lot of dial tones and unanswered calls when fans see 617-552 numbers. They know that their program is completely reeling, and that support is dwindling and must be terrified what next season holds. This pro Spaz media blitz is about as desperate as a program can get. And it's pathetic.

And to Ron Borges, stick to boxing.