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2011 Blogpoll: Week 15 Ballot

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Here is our week 15 SB Nation Blogpoll Top 25 ballot. Interestingly, Jeff and I were split on who gets the second spot and a berth to the Mythical Blogpoll National Championship Game, with one of us favoring the rematch and the other Oklahoma State. The tie was ultimately broken by the guy who filled out the ballot this week.

Conference champions are the big winners this week, with LSU (still tops), Oklahoma State (up 1), Oregon (up 8), Clemson (up 10), Wisconsin (up 4) moving up this week and West Virginia (oh hai Blogpoll!) and Southern Miss cracking this week's ballot.

There are different philosophies about how to treat the conference championship games, specifically the programs that come up on the short end of the extra game. But for our ballot, we dinged them a bit, with Virginia Tech (down 10), Michigan State (down 7), Georgia (down 6) and Houston (down 18) all down this week.

May have been a little harsh on Houston, but playing in Conference USA, the Cougars' margin of error is that small. With a SOS ranked in the 100s and your marquee win over U.C.L.A., "it is what it is." Also, UH got lit up by Southern Miss in the Conference USA championship game with a shot at a BCS bowl game.

Teams encouraging the most disagreement include Penn State (4.24), Boise State (2.83), Oregon, USC, Wisconsin and Michigan (2.12).

Maybe next week: Georgia Tech, Notre Dame, Arkansas State, Texas, Auburn, Cincinnati

By conference: 5 SEC, 5 Big Ten, 4 Big 12, 3 ACC, 3 Pac-12, 2 Mountain West, 2 Conference USA, 1 Big East

Thoughts / comments, let's hear 'em.