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Boston University 5, Boston College 3: Slow Start Dooms Eagles

Last night very little went right for the Eagles, as they dropped their second game in a row against their cross town rivals. Boston College outshot the Terriers 45-15, yet they still had trouble scoring goals, especially on the power play. The game started off poorly for BC as Charlie Coyle scored on a power play goal, followed up quickly by a break away goal Yassan Cisse--his first with the Terriers. Rough start for the Eagles.

The most frustrating part of last night had to be BC's inability to capitalize on the power play. In the second period alone the Eagles had seven power plays, and only managed 16 shots. They looked hesitant with the puck, and instead of taking a shot, they spent most of the time passing the puck around. As the Eagles floundered on the power play, the Terriers increased their lead to 3 on a goal off the stick of Garrett Noonan.

Anyone a fan of Caddyshack? BC fans need to start yelling "Noonan" at him every time he touches the puck. If you don't get my reference, watch the video below.

The Eagles finally broke free when Bill Arnold scored the first BC goal against the Terriers in 257 minutes of play this season. The goal was a powerplay goal, which also broke up BC's string of 10 power plays in a row that failed to score any points. Then there was "the goal", a disputed goal by Johnny Gaudreau, that was clearly a goal but was waved off by the refs. This is the second time this season that the Eagles have been screwed out of a goal. I don't like conspiracy theories, but I strongly feel that the refs are out to get BC this season.

I couldn't watch the third period because I was too angry, so I will let break it down for you

The teams also scored two goals apiece in the final frame with both teams adding both an even strength and a power play goal. For the Eagles, Kreider scored at 14:34 and senior Barry Almeida notched a power play-goal at 17:16. For the Terriers, freshman Cason Hohmann potted the man-advantage goal at the eight-minute mark and senior Corey Trivino scored into an empty net at 16:57.

This was a very frustrating loss all around, BC had multiple chances, and out played the Terriers yet they could capitalize when they needed to. On the other hand, the Terriers took their shots when they needed to, and made Parker Milner look like he did during their first matchup in November. What could help this team turn it around? Beat BU tonight, at their home rink. Make thousands of Terrier fans leave Agganis Arena silent. Tonight, let's bring it to them.