Boston College Football Recruiting Update: Jamil Pollard, David Smith And Sam Grant

Jamil Pollard

Jamil Pollard, a 4-star (gee...haven't seen those in a while, a long while) recruit on rivals who committed from Penn State but in late July had his offer pulled for academic reasons, is likely to pick Boston College over Penn State tommorow at the Offense-Defense Bowl, according to sources.

@AdamCoelhoTR BC should be picking up a commitment from NJ DT/OG Jamil Pollard tommorow. Huge pickup if it happens.

@bperroni Jamil Pollard is planning to commit at game tmrw. Sounds likely to be over

Pollard is also a 79 grade on ESPN and is rated as the #40 Defensive Tackle on Scout and #23 on rivals. He visited BC on December 9. is from New Jersey, which has produced such BC players as Steele Devitto and Colin Larmond Jr.

Scouting reports say he can also play guard, but will likely end up on defense.This would be a huge pickup for the Eagles, who don't have much depth in the future behind Dominic Appiah and Kaleb Ramsey. Pollard will likely play early if he can beat out underachievers such as Conor O'Neal and Dillon Quinn. He's basically the same thing as Faith Ekakitie, a 4-star recruit who couldn't crack the top 250. Overall, I would very suprised if Pollard didn't wind up at BC, even though he's taking a few visits after he's commiting.

David Smith

Smith, a 3-star running back from Illinois, said BC has a slight edge over the competition because his mom and his coach really want him to play at BC. If Smith commits and Akeel Lynch stays with BC, BC will have enormous running back depth next year.

Sam Grant

Grant got offers from Michigan, Arkansas and Oklahoma, and he's leaning towards decommiting from BC, according to sources. If that happens, Jameson McShea, who ironically plays at BC High and is only a 2-star who decommitted from Temple, will get an offer.