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Boston College Basketball Club Trillion Watch: Danny Rubin Takes Early Season Lead

The cool thing about having such a young and inexperienced men's basketball team this year is that this gives year's squad ample opportunities to get a chance to play and log some quality minutes. It also makes it that much harder to join Club Trillion.

The first requirement of Club Trillion is that a bench player log just one minute of action in a game. The second is that you do absolutely nothing with that minute. No points, no assists, no boards, no fouls, not even a turnover. Nada. The resulting box score for that player reads one minute played and zero for all other statistics, resulting in a one followed by 12 zeros. Hence, a trillion.

Members of the BC chapter of Club Trillion have been few and far between this season. First, the close calls:

In the loss to Holy Cross, Peter Rehnquist was in line to become the first Eagle to join Club Trillion, but he had to go and pull down an offensive rebound in his one minute of work.

Jordan Daniels was set to make a rare appearance in Club Trillion against Penn State, but he ended up committing a personal foul.

Eddie Odio logged just one minute in the loss to Providence, but grab an offensive board.

Gabe Moton committed a turnover after logging just a minute in the win over Stony Brook, while Ryan Kilkullen completed the very same feat in the next game against Bryant.

And now, the Trill-est members of the Boston College basketball program. In BC's 83-73 win over Sacred Heart on Wednesday, guard Eddie Odio became the sixth Eagle to reach Club Trillion, joining Danny Rubin, Ryan Kilcullen, Salah Abdo, Peter Rehnquist and John Cain Carney.

Here are your current standings:

2 -- Danny Rubin (Penn State, Stony Brook)
1 -- Ryan Kilcullen (UMass)
1 -- Salah Abdo (Boston University)
1 -- Peter Rehnquist (Bryant)
1 -- John Cain Carney (Bryant)
1 -- Eddie Odio (Sacred Heart)

Congratulations Eddie! And congrats to Danny Rubin for taking an early-season lead in the local chapter of Club Trillion.