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Merry Christmas From BC Interruption

(video courtesy of BC's Youtube)

Good morning everyone, and best wishes to you and your family from all of us at BC Interruption. It has been quite a year at the blog, filled with laughs, anguish, and whole lot of debating. But on days like this it's time to put the laptops and smartphones down, and spend some quality time with family and friends.

For the Black family we have always included Boston College in our Christmas celebrations. We have Alumni Stadium ornaments, maroon and gold stockings, and we can't make it through the holiday season without exchanging some kind of BC related gifts. But the true Christmas spirit isn't about gifts, it's about sharing stories, spending time with those you love, and eating copious amounts of eggnog and Christmas cookies.

On behalf of Brian, Jeff, Salzano14, Conrad we all wish you a safe and merry Christmas. And as always, Go Eagles!