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The 2011 Spazoo Awards: New Commenter of the Year

Spazoo_resized_mediumWelcome back to BC Interruption's end of the year festivities. Previously we have looked at COPCO comment of the year, and Commenter of the Year. 2011 brought many new readers who wanted to share their cantankerous views with the rest of the BC world. You were all great additions to the pack, but only five of you can be nominated, and in the end only one of you can win.

Pick your winner. Voting ends a week from Saturday at 8am.

Nominee #1: Spideyguy0

A Maryland graduate with a love for Boston College sports.

Writes Fanposts about BC Basketball that weren't very optimistic:

"Looking at the team as a whole, these guys will be lucky to win two ACC games this year. I'd honestly settle for just getting 1. Next year will be marginally better. I think the ceiling for these guys is probably #4 or 5 in the ACC as seniors"

And really doesn't like Matt Humphrey:

"I've watched every game this year except Holy Cross and Riverside and I've seen small improvement every single game, so I can say I've yet to be disapointed by this team (except Humphrey. he disapoints me and I can't stand him)."

Nominee #2: CoachJF

Takes a nihilist view on the current BC coaching regime:

"If you believe that, then you do so at least partly because of the company line of youth and injuries. If he's really recruited well, the injury bug goes away and the young mature, he should be sticking to his guns. Nah, this is the act of a confused, desperate, directionless soul."

Posted a Fanpost that gave an awesome objective look at Frank Spaziani

"The bigger question of course is the long term health of the program. A decline, ongoing for the past four seasons (Jags shouldn't skate free on this one either), requires action. Can BC afford to sit still for another year? Will Spaz turn it around given the chance in 2012 and if he does, is he still any sort of long term answer to BC's football goals?"

Nominee #3: Beerfart

Other than having the greatest name ever he has told it how it is:

"They will continue to improve under Spaz next year-not because of Spaz. They will reach an ceiling-WHAM!- and improve no more because of Spaz, when they could be better. Ceiling will be lower than it should be. "Ever to mediocrity." Great motto."

And we found out where his true allegiance lies:

"Just don't go trashing Saint Peter's. Peacocks are my team."

Nominee #4: WhoNeedsRudy

Other than having Chunks from Goonie as his avatar, he has:

Pay homage to BC Interruption with a reinterpretation of a famous Christmas poem:

"Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the Heights
Not a student was stirring, no one out for the night.
Their heads were hung low, lips mumbling a short prayer,
In hopes that Coach Spaz soon would not be there."

Can effectively handle the intensity of Waterwater Eagleosprey

"I'd ask what your thoughts on fiscal restraint and quantitative easing might be, but I assume the SBNation servers would explode in your quest for "cohesion.""

Nominee #5:Winhomer86

A freaking BC recruit is posting his thoughts about BC sports on our site.

He wrote a Fanpost on the Boston College Offensive Line

"Obviously everyone on the team was a part of that win and should be congratulated, especially the defense. But I think the game ball goes to the O-line and Coach Devine. Shout out to Rolandan Finch and Andre Williams as well for spanking the Maryland defense!"