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Boston College Daily Links: College Football Bowl Name Guide

the FOV guide to the bowl names (From Old Virginia)
So here is the From Old Virginia guide to what the bowl names should be. First off, I don't care if someone decides to put their name in front of a regular one. Fine, do it; I don't have to worry about it. Those are never getting said anyway except by the people who are required to. So, here are the names I actually like:

When did the BC fanbase's perception change on bowls? (Eagle in Atlanta)
BC's not in a bowl this year and I sort of miss it. Bad BC football is better than no BC football. While I think that most BC fans would watch any BC bowl game, I think any pride or passion related to our string of bowls is long gone. This morning I started to wonder when that changed.

Boston College: Who's Been Nice? (Soaring to Glory)
The rest of the BC blogosphere. It was a rough football season, no doubt. For myself, I know that I was under plenty of fire (and still am, by the way), but so too were many of the other BC blogs. BC Interruption, BC Draft, Eagle in Atlanta, Around the Res, and Heights and Lows stuck together and were unafraid to call it like they saw it. I have to take this opportunity to give them credit for their straight-forwardness and what they’ve contributed to the discussion this year.

2007 F/+ Rankings Now Available At Football Outsiders (Football Study Hall)
A good year. Vintage.

Great Lakes Invitational Preview (The College Hockey Blog)
BC’s big star is obviously Chris Kreider, who has 12 goals and 23 points and ranks 16th nationally in points per game and 11th nationally in goals per game. Boston College has struggled quite a bit in net this year, as Parker Milner ranks 51st nationally with a .901 save percentage. You can win a national championship, as Duluth showed last year, by getting a hot goalie at the right time, but he’ll obviously have to be better if Boston College wants to win another title.

Jackson and Daniels: A Dynamic Duo (Heights Sports Blog)
While his scoring has certainly been improved of late, Jackson looked like a completely different player on the court against Bryant. He was aggressive all game, frequently calling for the ball and fading to the perimeter for kick-outs from Jordan Daniels. Where he looked especially assertive was in the transition game, calling for the ball and sinking it in transition on more than one occasion.

Steve Donahue on Twitter @Coach_Donahue
Congrats to Reggie who earned his first NBA preseason win yesterday!