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The 2011 Spazoo Awards: COPCO Comment Of The Year

Spazoo_resized_mediumOne of the greatest innovations this year at BC Interruption was the creation of a new series of fanshots called the COPCO. Each week BCI reader DCash would post an embarrassing picture of an opponent player or fan, and it would be up to the readers to come up with the best caption. Recommendations would select the winner. Well, I have combed the COPCO's and I have selected some of the funniest and best from our collection.

Make sure to vote, voting will close next Tuesday at 5pm.

Nominee #1: The VT humping fans was gently caressed by DCash

Yet another Hokie is about to find out that a lot of bad things can happen in 4 minutes and 11 seconds

Nominee #2: Our fearless leader Brian takes on those National Socialist Tigers down in Clemson

5-0? I did Na-zi that coming …

Nominee #3: Visiting blogger BCMike22 takes a shot at some Maryland fans who seem to be missing a few chromosomes

"Yungin’ here was havin trouble latchin’ on to momma. I solved the problem for me by drinkin’ enough ‘till she was perty. Figured I’d give junior a shot at the same medi-e-sin."

Nominee #4: SBNation Blogger Akula Wolf makes a joke that BC & NC State fans can understand

I hereby call this meeting of the I formation preservation society to order

And finally a very special BU hockey COPCO, and an epic reference from scj

You know how many foods are shaped like dicks? The BEST kinds!

Ok readers, get voting.