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How To Effectively Handle Your Boston University Friends

Big weekend of sports up ahead, three games involving our ugly step sisters down Commonwealth Ave. Fellow Boston College Blogger Soaring to Glory has gone on to give this weekend the moniker the "Weekend of Hate". In years past BC fans have had very little to worry about when approached by noisy Terrier fans. This year is a completely different story. Back in November BC hockey got blown out of Conte Forum 5-0, the basketball team is in full rebuilding mode, and the football team just missed a bowl game for the first time in over a decade.

So what do you say to a BU fan if they start to trash your beloved Boston College? Don't stick your tail between your legs and walk away. Not to worry, your friends here at BC Interruption have got you covered.

- Must be nice that your schools biggest recent basketball memory is an epic butt whooping from Kansas.

- At least our college has a campus and doesn't look like a poorly constructed strip mall thrown in the middle of Boston

- Jack Parker is such a great coach. BU students must be excited for BU's next national championship in 2023

- Where do they play the America East Tournament? A high school gymnasium?

- At least Boston College athletics is relevant enough to be mocked by the media.

- Jerry York owns you. (don't even need facts for this one)

- Holy Cross. St. Xavier. Providence College. Now go away.

- How many of your hockey players will be suspended for this game?

- Where can I find America East basketball games on television in Boston?

- (Wait until they bring up the November hockey game). One game? How about the fact the Terriers hadn't beaten the Eagles in almost two years before that game.

- You must be really excited the NBA is getting back into the swing of things, it'll must real fun watching all those Terriers in the pros. Oh wait.

- Make fun of Spaz all you want. How's that football program of yours?

What BU comebacks would you use?