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2011 BC Interruption College Fantasy Football Wrap-Up

If you remember back in August, we created a college fantasy league. A total of 88 of you joined. Many of you competed like champs, while others simply forgot about the league. Now college football's regular season is basically over, and college fantasy football is finished. There was great action in our league, with some smart enough to use Case Keenum and Montee Ball, while others sticking to their local guns with Deuce Finch and Chase Rettig. The former ended up near the top, while the homers wallowed in the basement.

In the end there can only be one champion, so let's see who it is.

5. Bring_Back_Tranquill -- 2,204 points (95.1%)

While I certainly don't agree with your team name, I have to respect the way you played. With a name like "Bring Back Tranquill" I'd have expected you to play Montel Harris every week at every position, even after he was hurt.

4. So Cal Suns -- 2,215 points (96.0%)

I don't get the name. USC fan maybe? If that's the case shouldn't they have gone with USC Escalades or USC "Bowling Again Before BC!"

3. Conrad Kazmarek -- 2,225 points (96.6%)

The highest rated writer for BCI. Beat your's truly by 35 points. But shouldn't he have been deducted 50 points for being too lazy to even come up with a creative or snarky team name?

2. Kuech The Freak -- 2,224 points (97.7%)

Great name that exemplified his style of picking. Kuech did it all, and finished in second place.

1. KaraokeJ62 -- 2,030 points (99.4%)

Very nice. I don't know if I like someone with the user name Karaoke winning our league, reminds me too much of bad bars and Chinese food. Looks like they have no affiliation with BCI or roots for BC. But good for you. You win.

So there you have it. Some random beat us all. Good work.

Speaking of getting spanked let's look at where the BCI writers fell:

3. Conrad -- 2,225 points (96.6%)
6. A.J Black -- 2,190 points (93.9%)
17. Brian Favat -- 2,055 points (78%)
70. Salzano14 -- 1,494 points (26.6%)

Conrad can wear the crown for BCI for the upcoming season, while the rest of us figure out what went wrong.

So there you have it. Fantasy college football is completed. Up next? Bowl pick em'. Be ready for the announcement, and join up. This one is much easier to do. You just pick all the bowls, rank them all by confidence, and leave it.