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The 2011 Spazoo Awards: Commenter Of The Year

Spazoo_resized_mediumThe people have spoken and we are pleased to announce the nominees for our first Spazoo category -- Commenter of the Year.

We at BC Interruption take our commenters very seriously, and without you this board would be just a collection of articles either about our frustration with Gene DeFilippo or conference realignment. You, the readers, make us very humble with your well thought out responses, jokes and digressions. If we could give you all a Spazoo we would, but we can't. To help you get a feel for their style, we went through and selected a few of their commenting gems.

So while we would like to thank all of you for your comments, we have chosen five finalists for the title of Commenter of the Year. Make sure you vote in the poll below, voting closes on Friday at 5PM (ET).

Nominee #1: CSOM_97

Asks the hard questions, like in the Fanshot "Anyone have any questions they would like to ask Gene DeFilippo?"

1. If Spaz is the best coach you’ve had in the last 15 years, why didn’t you hire him the last time he interviewed for the job?

2. Do you feel an athletic director’s failure to recognize the best coach interviewing for a position is grounds for termination?

And uses big words like in "Ballparking 2012 Attendance."

Barring some sort of external factor, such as loosened tailgating and parking policies, I expect the season ticket base to show significant deterioration. If we are hearing that renewals are terrible and there is evidence of panic from development and the ticket office, you’ll know the nadir is forthcoming.

Nominee #2: Polarbearbrother

Optimistic even in the face of overwhelming negativity:

You guys are no fun.


And was a great contributor during gamethreads, like BC's season finale against Miami.

Spazball is all about lower expectations.

Did you all know we are a young team?

Nominee #3: BBlaqus

Created football highlight reels...

Nominee #4: DCash

Gave Dick Butkus an ultimatum:

You shut your mouth when you're talking to Luke!

Created the weekly classic COPCO fanshot

Nominee #5: Eagle In Brighton

Made us aware of Corey Trivino's rap prowess:

And in case you were curious about Trivino’s musical stylings, there’s this.

And the best way to handle your BU friends