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Alternative Marketing Promotions For Boston College Hockey, Hoops

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If you follow Boston College winter sports, you know how sparse attendance is during the winter break. This is the time BC usually schedules such basketball powerhouses as Bryant, Sacred Heart, Rhode Island and cross town rival Harvard. If the game happens to be on television, the student section is usually no more than a dozen, and Conte usually has large sections completely empty. It's kind of embarrassing.

In order to try and combat this, BC Athletics and Marketing has gone with a proactive approach. As you can see above, there are a bunch of "special" deals to try and get Eagles' fans in the door. But here at BC Interruption we are always looking outside the box, and just because we love BC we have come up with some other promos they should consider during the winter break

4 Tickets To Any Non-Duke Game
4 Of Those Weird New England-Style Pretzels That They Serve In Conte
4 Cokes
2 Hours Of H-O-R-S-E With Doug Flutie At The Plex
1 Ticket To Meet-N-Greet With Coach Spaz

An Entire Section Of Tickets To A Women's Basketball Game
4 Of Those Gross Papa Gino's Pizza's
12 Monster Energy Drinks To Stay Awake
Announce An Entire Quarter Of The Game

12 Tickets To The Bryant Game
12 Replica Bryant Jerseys
Sideline Passes For One Half Of Game
Invitation To Play Second Half Of Basketball For Bryant

8 Tickets To Any Non-Duke Game
4 Plates of Nachos With That Sludge That Concessions Calls Cheese
Halftime Skills Competition To Win BC Football's 84th or 85th scholarship
Wear the Baldwin Jr. Costume for the second half (CAW CAW)

*4 Tickets to The BC vs. Harvard Game
20 minute lecture from a Harvard Alum about how Harvard is a better institution than BC
2 snifters of 20 year old Scotch and a pompous sense of entitlement
2 Hours of Psychotherapy after BC loses by 25

4 Tickets to a BC Hockey Game
Opportunity to be in the presence of Jerry York
Opportunity to gaze upon Jerry York
Opportunity to be privileged enough to watch a Jerry York led hockey team

Whatever Price Luke Kuechly says.