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Tough Week For The Terriers: BU Loses Two 1st Round Draft Picks In Four Days

Charlie Coyle #18 of Team USA bounces off Ludvig Rensfeldt #23 of Team Sweden at the Lake Placid Olympic Center on August 10, 2011 in Lake Placid, New York.  (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
Charlie Coyle #18 of Team USA bounces off Ludvig Rensfeldt #23 of Team Sweden at the Lake Placid Olympic Center on August 10, 2011 in Lake Placid, New York. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
Getty Images

It isn't really the best time to be a Boston University Terrier. On Tuesday, news broke that Corey Trivino, the leading scorer for Hockey East, was booted off of the Boston University hockey team under the worst of circumstances. Trivino was arrested and charged with multiple crimes, including indecent assault and battery, after kissing and groping his RA after forcing his way into her room.

First and foremost, a big thumbs up to the RA for actually acting on Trivino's actions. Too often, victims of these crimes feel like "it was nothing" or are embarrassed to say something.

Trivino is, of course, no longer associated with the Boston U. hockey team. What is interesting about the whole situation is how blunt Jack Parker has been with the media about the whole situation. He has publicly called Trivino out for a drinking problem, which, while it may be and probably is true, is probably violating some kind of privacy law. And even if it's not, it's not Jack Parker's place to comment on that. It comes across as Parker feeling the need to explain himself, which is, if nothing else, is just kind of strange.

As if Terrier fans didn't have enough to be upset about, rumors began swirling last night that Charlie Coyle, member of the US World Junior team and a first round NHL draft pick, may be leaving the team. One of the first to report it was a high school kid with a Boston College hockey blog, and people, err, didn't believe him:

@CHNJoeMeloni Some schmo in Chestnut Hill with an internet connection told everyone he was getting booted.

That was nothing compared to the denial many BU fans were showing on the forums over at USCHO.

Conflicting reports were going around all day, with the Daily Free Press reporting that they had spoken with Coyle and that he was still on the team. Finally, after many news outlets reported the opposite, BU released a statement finally admitting what everyone else had kind of figured. Coyle was gone.

It has been reported by that Coyle was leaving because he would be academically ineligible next semester. While Coyle has denied it, the timing is definitely surprising. Coyle will be going to Canada to play Major Juniors.

So where does this leave the rat dogs? Not only are they down their two best centers, but this is all going to be a pretty big shock to get over. It's unfortunate that we are already done playing them this year, barring a meeting in the Beanpot finals. BU has been playing their best hockey of the year, winning seven of their last eight (the one loss a 6-1 pasting handed down by our Eagles). But you have to feel that any hope of pulling out as a front-runner in Hockey East just went down the drain.

The Trivino news was just an awful situation for everyone involved, including Corey himself. While his charges are serious and he deserves every bit of punishment that he gets, we all hope that he is able to receive the help he needs.

As for the Coyle situation, it's hard not to be filled with at least a hint of glee at the misfortune of the Terriers to have a first round draft pick bolt that dump in the middle of the year leaving them high and dry.

Also, it's pretty darn funny that the FreeP got scooped by a B.C. kid.