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Montel Harris, Four Other Eagles Receive Medical Waivers, Extra Year Of Eligibility

One of the major talking points of the 2011 season was the injuries to many of the key players for the Boston College Eagles. After summer work outs it was clear that Kaleb Ramsey and Montel Harris weren't 100 percent, and with minimal playing time, Frank Spaziani shut them both down. On the other hand, C.J. Jones and Ifeanyi Momah were knocked out of early games due to knee injuries.

The ACC delivered BC some good news today as all four players, along with Conor Wujciak, were granted medical hardship waivers. This means that Harris, Ramsey and Jones will be given one more year of eligibility, and should be returning to the Heights for 2012. Momah will have to apply for a sixth year of eligibility as he didn't play in 2009.

None of this was a major surprise, as all four were expected to be granted these waivers, but it still is exciting news for BC.

Coach Flip was ecstatic in his press release:

"This is fantastic news. We’re talking about six outstanding young men whose seasons were cut short by injury. I would also like to thank the Compliance staffs at Boston College and the ACC for their diligent efforts throughout this process."

It's hard not to be excited about this news. We deserve to see one more season of Montel Harris at 100 percent. Also a defensive line that has Kaleb Ramsey and Dominic Appiah should be immediately improved over the shuffling they did this season, and Momah provides a big deep threat receiver that Chase Rettig lacked all season. C.J. Jones should provide some veteran leadership at the corner position that will be losing Donnie Fletcher to graduation.

Spaz will have his leadership three of these are seniors who will start, so excuses about inexperience next season should be immediately dismissed. Again the Eagles should be lined up with the tools to compete next year. The million dollar question will remain: can the coaching staff effectively utilize the talent on the roster?