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BC Interruption Presents The First Annual Spazoo Awards

Spazoo_resized_mediumAs the year comes to a close, we here at BC Interruption have come up with an award to honor some of the highlights of our year. The Spazoo Award will be given to those posts, ideas, and people who have added to this lovely blog and made it better. So it's basically the completely opposite of the trophies namesake.

Over the next couple of weeks BC Interruption will be rolling out different posts with different categories named below. You the readers will have total control over who/what wins the coveted Spazoo.

If anyone has any suggestions on a category, please throw that into the comments as well. This is all about you guys after all.

Therefore without further ado I submit the following Spazoo categories:

-- Story of the Year

-- Comment of the Year

-- FanPost of the Year

-- Villain of the Year

-- Commenter of the Year

-- Best New Commenter

-- Most Ridiculous Prediction By a Commenter or BCI Writer

-- The Most Glorious BC Moment of the Year

-- The "OH MY GOD WHAT JUST HAPPENED" Atrocious BC Moment of the Year

Today is the nomination thread. Please type the category in the headline, and your nominee in the body. Links to the actual post would be greatly appreciated. To keep things under control, and keep my head from melting a la Indiana Jones, this is how the nominations will work. We will use the same system that Tomahawk Nation uses for their awards:

"In order to make the final poll and be eligible for the corresponding incalculable measure of internet credibility that comes with winning a "Spazoo," someone will need to nominate a person, story, or comment for a particular category, and that nomination will need to be seconded (i.e. recommended/turned green). In the event there are too many nominees for a particular category for the polling software to handle, staff will narrow the field before publishing the final poll."

Got it? Now start nominating!

Much thanks to reader Sam who provided us with this fantastic image.