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Three Weeks Without Boston College Hockey: What Can You Do With Your Time?

BC Versus Yale Hockey
BC Versus Yale Hockey

If you haven't looked at the BC Men's Ice Hockey schedule, you might have missed that the hockey team isn't playing until December 29th. That is three whole weeks without hockey. Earlier today Soaring to Glory wrote a post about some things to help you get through the lean times of this stretch of BC hockey-less winter. He had some great ideas, most of them involve watching hockey highlights, which for some might be enough. It was such a great post that I decided that I would add some of my own ideas to the list.

-- Find Luke Kuechly on campus, kneel before him and beg for him to come back for one more year. If he is studying in the library leave him alone, bothering a studying Kuechly angers him. And you wouldn't like Kuechly when he is angry.

-- Watch Kuechly's interception against Miami on an endless loop.

-- Watch the Duke football game, and scream and cry. (Also works for Northwestern game)

-- Follow BC Interruption on Facebook!

-- Go to a BC basketball game. Any of them, they are cheap, and this is going to be a fun team! Tickets are muy cheapo and you can say you were on the ground floor when this team contended for NCAA tournament bid next season

-- Make a list and mail it to Santa Claus. My list includes a new AD, a new football coaching staff, a Hockey East title, and another NCAA title for the hockey team.

-- Hang your BC ornaments on your tree with care. Look at it smile and realize that Spaz, GDF and Blaudschun couldn't be bothered to have anything like that on their Christmas tree.

-- Root on all the BC Alumni in the NFL: Raji, Castonzo, Matt Ryan, Mark Herzlich, Will Blackmon etc. Hearing "Boston College" during television introductions never gets old.

-- Watch highlight from the 2007 football season....on second thought don't do that.

-- Spend time with your loved ones. If you are like me, you probably haven't done much of that since September.

-- Write letters to the Board of Trustees asking for the dismissal of Gene DeFilippo. Remember this is the AD that knows/cares little for your hockey team. Reports from the Spark's luncheon claim Flip said that hockey has 30 minute periods.

To get your displeasure in motion, send your mail to:

Boston College Board of Trustees
c/o Kathleen M. McGillycuddy
140 Commonwealth Avenue
Chestnut Hill, MA 02467

or you can send them a free holiday card to voice your displeasure (the boards email address is on

-- Post Fanshots and Fanposts on BC Interruption. Come on readers, time to step up your A Game. Post on anything BC related. Recruits, wise crack remarks you made to Flynn Fund phone calls, Frank Spaziani, anything you want. Can't guarantee they will all get front page'd, but try them they are fun.

-- Watch Reggie Jackson win the NBA Rookie of the Year.

-- Play BC Interruption's Bowl Pick Em. You only have a few more days to sign up slackers! (Hint: Pick against the Big East teams)

-- Drink lots of eggnog. Remember in two weeks it's gone again until November. Stock up if you have to.