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Boston College Daily Links: BCDraft Interviews C.J. Jones

BCDraft SPECIAL: Interview with CJ Jones (BCDraft)
The BCDraft guys interview CB/DB C.J. Jones. Read.

The War For Chestnut Hill (Excalibur Sports)
What Blauds did was completely unacceptable. By directly mentioning the blogosphere and the student newspaper, he acknowledged that there is an argument on the other side of the coin. As long as he didn’t mention them, as long as he didn’t point out what they had to say, he wasn’t giving credence to their argument. They were just petty fans who paid the right amount for a domain, fans who banded together in their own support group, or anything else GDF and the boys could fend off with. By taking a pointed shot at them all in the largest newspaper in the Greater Boston area, he just put the spotlight directly on them, and as the arguments come firing from all cylinders in the blogosphere, people might be inclined to actually listen to what these people have to say.

Boston College Eagles' Luke Kuechly wins Lombardi Award (ESPN Boston)
"We didn't have the best record this season," he said. "It's not how we wanted the season to go, but me winning this is a testament to our whole team as well. It's how I played as well as how the whole team played. We never gave up."

Heights Sports Blog
I don’t want to ever downplay winning in general. Winning is extremely important. This is what we do. At Boston College we stand for excellence in everything we try. I want to win every game. My point would be that if it’s a loss, I don’t want it to be the end of the world because they’re so fragile and young. To play well and win is so critical to their psyche going forward.

Finally, Eagles not half bad (
"I think it is critical going forward that you do get a win, in particular when you haven’t had one in a while," BC coach Steve Donahue said. "I don’t think there is any question this is our (most complete game) in terms of the things we have been working on, and the kids are getting better in a lot of aspects."

Women's Basketball Loses To Hartford, 54-45 (
The Boston College women's basketball team suffered a 54-45 road loss to Hartford on Saturday afternoon at the Chase Family Arena in Hartford, Conn. The Eagles are now 3-5, while Hartford improved to 7-3.

College Hockey Ramblings: Who Is Really Tops In Hockey East? (
It also shows how many more league games the Beanpot schools play earlier on in the season. In addition to the totals above for BC and BU, Northeastern has played 12 league games as of Saturday morning. The only other Hockey East team to play that many league games? New Hampshire, who also played 12.

No. 4 WIH Falls in Overtime to No. 6 Mercyhurst (
Freshmen Alex Carpenter and Emily Pfalzer each netted goals for the fourth-ranked Boston College women's ice hockey team in a 3-2 overtime loss to sixth-ranked Mercyhurst on Saturday afternoon at Kelley Rink.