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No More Excuses: Time To Take Back Our School's Football Program

Here is Mark Blaudschun's latest abortion of an article on Spaz. Here is the Eagle in Atlanta takedown. Read both.

I don't know about you, but frankly, I grow extremely tired of this all.

I'm tired of the excuses. When will we have an administration and a coaching staff that takes even the slightest bit of responsibility for the present state of the football program? The in-game coaching blunders? Poor clock management? Recruiting failures? Three or four offensive coordinators in the last four seasons? The complete and total regression of both the offensive and defensive lines?

I'm tired of the mainstream media blindly taking DeFilippo's talking points and publishing them as fact. Trolling the BC fan base that buys your newspapers and reads your blog entries. How dumb do you think the average Boston College grad is, really?

I'm tired of sites like this one being discredited as "Internet chat rooms, where it is easy to throw grenades without attaching a name to them." I now blog under my real name. Look me up. I'm a proud 2004 graduate of Boston College and run this site in my spare time. I run this blog because I'm a passionate alum and love our school's varsity sports programs; I don't begrudge the school I cover and spend all my time conjuring up false Big East expansion rumors.

I'm tired of hearing the administration say "you just have to trust us" that the football program is headed in the right direction. When someone has to tell you to trust them, you should immediately be skeptical of their intentions.

I'm tired of watching our A.D. give the school a black eye by publicly gloating over the fact that BC kept UConn out of the ACC. I hate UConn as much as the next BC fan, but enough is enough. Thanks for guiding BC from the Big East to the ACC, Gene. But based on your recent childish and self-serving actions, you've now also taken the school's reputation down a notch by publicly and personally striking back at Dick Blumenthal in the papers. I'm sure he still really cares now that he is down in D.C.

I'm tired of our Athletics Director antagonizing the BC fan base. Maybe if you didn't employ an underachieving head coach, an underachieving coaching staff simply because they are your boys, improved tailgating and put a compelling product on the field, we'd be excited to be in our seats before kickoff.

Finally, I'm tired of hearing that my opinion, our opinion doesn't matter when it absolutely does matter. Long after our current administration finally leaves Chestnut Hill, we will be the ones that bring our kids back to the Heights on a fall Saturday to take in a BC football game. Not DeFilippo. Not Spaz. Not Mark Blaudschun.

This is our school and our football program; not the football program of a school employee who graduated from Springfield College.

We as alumni and as fans have the power to stop the excuses, the patronizing and antagonizing of the fan base, the mediocre college football product and the mainstream media so blatantly trolling the BC fan base. Don't let Mark Blaudschun, Gene DeFilippo or Frank Spaziani tell you otherwise.