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Should Luke Kuechly Enter The 2012 NFL Draft?

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With the Eagles home for the holidays for the first time since 1998 and Coach Flip and Coach Spaz's jobs secure for another season, Boston College football fans turn their attention to the decision of junior LB Luke Kuechly.

Does he enter the 2012 NFL Draft, or does he return to the Heights for his senior year set to shatter every and all tackle record known to the NCAA?

Kuechly isn't going to rush the decision, stating that he'll head home for the holidays

"When I get back home, that's when things are going to start brewing and I'll be thinking about what the deal is," Kuechly said. "I'll be talking to different people about the whole situation."

Kuechly projects to be a top 15 selection in this year's NFL Draft, with both draft gurus Mel Kiper Jr. and Todd McShay heaping high praise on the All-American:


"I'm simply enamored with his instincts and have fewer doubts that he'll succeed. Dependable, a tackling machine, he makes great reads, sees the play develop and sheds blockers well. Cementing his status."


"Kuechly's elite instincts and ability to diagnose plays get him to the ball quickly and help mask his lack of elite athleticism. He's perhaps the most productive linebacker in the nation."

If Kuechly does decide to enter the NFL Draft and gets drafted in the first round, he's likely looking at a seven figure signing bonus. If he returns to the Heights, he'd join a defense that has a talented core of linebackers (KPL, Divitto, Duggan) and loses just one starter in Fletcher, albeit for a 4-8 team.

Kuechly seemingly can't go wrong either way. Though if I had to wager a guess, I think #40 stiff-arming a Miami defender for 30 yards while taking an interception to the house will be the enduring image we have of Kuechly wearing the maroon and gold.