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Kings Of Catholic Hoops: The Vincentians?

The Wall Street Journal's Jared Diamond took a look at the different religious affiliations of the schools that participate in Division I men's college basketball. Diamond set out to determine which religious affiliation has the best hoops. The answer may surprise you:

"Among the groups that have more than one Division I basketball school, the top winning percentage belongs to the Vincentians (.611), a Catholic order, which includes Big East programs St. John's and DePaul. The Augustinians, another Catholic order, have a winning percentage of .641, but they are represented only by Villanova.

BYU, the lone Division I Mormon school, has a .620 winning percentage."

The Vincentians? I would have thought the Jesuits would have had this in the bag between Georgetown, Gonzaga, Xavier, Creighton and Marquette holding it down for Ignatius. Though I suppose for every Gonzaga there's also a Holy Cross ...

And while Boston College won't get a crack at the Vincentians this year, they will get a shot at Holy Cross and Saint Louis, fellow Jesuits schools, as well as Providence (Dominican) and Sacred Heart (Roman Catholic, straight up).

The more you know ...