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Houston Nutt Announces Departure: Should Boston College Follow Suit?

Another embattled head coach is gone, or should I say will be gone by the end of the season. Ole Miss is set to send Houston Nutt on his merry way at the end of the season. And in what seems to be a move to appease their angered fan base, they are having a press conference to tell everyone he's leaving:

"Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt will not be retained after this season, multiple sources told, and the university will make an announce at a 3 p.m. ET news conference. Sources also said that athletic director Pete Boone also will not return once the university hires his replacement. It's not clear when that announcement will be made."

This begs the question. If Frank Spaziani is planning on leaving at the end of this year -- forced or voluntarily -- should he or the administration let the fan base know now? Both Boston College and Ole Miss are in the same boat. Both had solid programs for years that have fallen into complete disarray. Both are coming off mind numbing losses. True the Rebels lost to Kentucky, but still, BC has lost to a handful of Kentuckys this year.

It is abundantly clear that 99 percent of the Eagles' fan base wants Spaz gone, and most of us see where this program is heading in its current state. Wouldn't it be good for the health of the program if BC announced Spaz wouldn't be returning in 2012? Think of the change in atmosphere for Saturday's game against N.C. State. If BC goes out and stinks up the joint, BC fans are going to be ruthless, but if they know that Spaz is leaving maybe the mood will be a little more cordial for the seniors final game. It would feel more like a celebration, and less like a funeral.

In terms of long term health of the program, letting the fans, players and recruits know that Spaz is leaving would only be beneficial. Fans would continue their donations to the Flynn Fund, and renew their season tickets. That would only help GDF and BC Athletics revenue. Recruits who have watched BC's season would know that the administration is serious about winning. While the current players would be free from the "play not to lose mentality" It would be a winning situation all around.

Seeing Spaz go is just a pipe dream at this point, and having him announce his departure mid-season is more like the third level of Inception. And no we do not want Houston Nutt as our coach. Stop it.