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N.C. State Opens As Two Point Favorites Over Boston College

The early line on the Boston College vs. N.C. State line is out and have to say I'm a little surprised. After the debacle we all witnessed on Thursday, and with N.C. State's shocking 13-0 shutout of the UNC Tar Heels, I expected at least a touchdown advantage for the Wolf Pack. But I was shocked that when the odds were released it was actually at -2.

Really? I guess Vegas is counting on Tom O'Brien coming to the Heights and continuing his tradition of tanking at the Heights. O'Brien is 0-2 against BC, including a 52-20 drubbing at the hands of Dave Shinskie, Montel Harris and Frank Spaziani. Yes, a Spaziani led team scored 52 points. Let that one simmer for a bit.

N.C. State is a bad football team, but are they honestly playing as poorly as BC to justify such a close spread? The Wolfpack's run defense isn't all that bad (much better than Maryland), and they average more than a touchdown a game than Boston College (25.7-18.4).

I don't know, call me jaded or just burnt out from this team, but it just seems like easy money to bet on N.C. State for this game. NC State can put up solid points, and they can stop our one weapon (Rolandan Finch). But then again watch, I bet against BC and Chase Rettig throws for like 300 yards and 4 touchdowns, with O'Brien "TOB'ing" all over the sideline.

What would you do with this spread?