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Chase Rettig vs. Josh Bordner: A Brewing QB Controversy?

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In the second quarter in a game against the Florida State Seminoles, Frank Spaziani did the unthinkable. He sat Chase Rettig. Did he replace him with Dave Shinksie? No. Did Spaz put in Mike Marscovetra, the only other QB on the roster with gametime experience. No. Spaz replaced Rettig with Josh Bordner, a red shirted freshman who had yet to see any actual game exerience.

Did it work? Sort of. Down 28-0, the silent BC crowd actually started getting very excited when Bordner broke off a 26 yard run and pushed the then stingy FSU defense into the red zone. On the positive side, Bordner was running the option play, and moving the ball effectively down field. Who ever knew that Spaz had that in his playbook? But conversely he looked nervous, and when he botched the handoff to Rolandan Finch, Spaz immediately put Rettig back in. Fans began to boo Rettig when he returned to the game, Spaz continued to juggle both QB's, and it went to hell from there.

But this begs the question, with chances of a winning record gone, and so to our chances for a bowl game, who should Spaz go forward with at quarterback?

Pre season expectations for Chase Rettig were huge, everyone expected under the tutelage of Kevin Rogers he would make leaps and bounds over his freshman campaign. That certainly hasn't been the case. He started off very strong, throwing for 375 yards against Northwestern, but since then Rettig has averaged a measly 146.5 yards a game. He continues to make the same errors and mistakes as he did his freshman year. Not exactly the kind of output the fan base has hoped for.

But what has prevented Rettig from taking those strides forward and maturing as a quarterback? Is it the coaching staff, and three offensive coordinators he has had to learn from in two years? Is it the lack of offensive weapons that surround him? Is it the struggling offensive line? Or is it that maybe Rettig's skilled aren't what we have hoped they would be. All other reasons aside, Rettig has struggled with finessing passes, over throwing receivers, footwork, and a whole other slew of mechanical errors that have certainly impeded his progress. Could Chase Rettig strive in a different offensive game plan? I believe he could, but he isn't cutting it this season.

Just watching the game it is clear to anyone with a pair of eyes that the offense is not working with Rettig. And even if it isn't his fault, changes need to be made to give the team a chance the final three games. Josh Bordner may not be the long term solution, but right now Chase Rettig isn't cutting it. The current game plan is not working and Bordner is a completely different kind of QB that could drastically change the offensive scheme, and at least give us something different to look forward to.

Frank Spaziani has a situation on his hands. One that his indecision, and poor game/player management caused. Does he continue to try the same old gameplan and let Chase Rettig struggle for the final three games, or does he try to breath some life into this team and throw in the raw freshman Josh Bordner? It will certainly be interesting to see how the Depth Chart plays out on when they are relased on Tuesday.