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Success Still To Come? And The Big Finish

Brian: Let's get right to it. Here is Spaz's message to Boston College fans following the Eagles' 38-7 loss to Florida State.

"My message would be the same as it would be in the beginning of the year. I mean, our guys are playing hard. Our guys are working hard. They're doing what this university professes, 'Ever To Excel,' and we're trying to do it the right way. The success isn't as obvious in wins and losses as eveybody would want. But it will come, and the sooner the better."

What exactly is this year's football team excelling at? Do you find this quote to be as patronizing as I do? Or is this simply the quote of a desperate man who may or may not have already thrown in the towel? Your thoughts?

Jeff: I don't think Spaz meant it the way you are taking it. Spaz is a lot of things, and isn't a lot of things. Among the things he is not would be a good head football coach, and a jerk. Spaz is simply in over his head. Spaz can do X's and O's. We learned that during his coordinating days. Spaz cannot lead an organization or rally people through his words. Spaz's press conferences have always been weaknesses for him and distanced him from the fans and alumni. This is just another example. Spaz hardly knows what to say before the season starts and 12-0 is a possibility. When he just picked up his 7th loss in embarrassing fashion, he really doesn't know what to say.

Brian: Even former players aren't above criticizing Spaz and the current football program. New Orleans Saints lineman and former Eagle Matt Tennant tweeted this last night during the game:

"On the other hand BC is down. I can't remember BC ever being like this."

"Spaz is defeated. Going to a low-tier bowl is not acceptable. And this year they get nothing. Things need to change."

Former players calling out Spaz -- fair or foul?

Jeff: Well Matt had another tweet today:

"Sorry Eagles fans, last night my emotions obviously got the best of me. I care a lot about the program, and while the losses are not directly Spaz's fault, we do all need to work together to help get BC football back where it belongs."

The Tweets last night were a little foul so the apology today was not too surprising. If Matt Tennant had said last night, We need to get BC football back where it belongs, whatever that takes, or something along those lines, everyone would have gotten his point and no apology would have been needed today. The point is that the program is somewhere that people are not comfortable with. BC needs to get back to where the fans/alumni think it should be and changes need to be made to get it there so there is at least the perception that the people on the inside are trying. Right now there does not appear to be a whole lot of effort inside the BC football program aside from the players on game day.

Big Finish

Brian: Today the Globe profiled Troy Flutie, Doug's nephew, who is staring as Natick High's sophomore QB. Flutie can't get to campus soon enough, can he?

Jeff: Can we fast forward to his redshirt freshman season?


Jeff: Will anyone be at the men's basketball exhibition tomorrow?

Brian: The BC basketball team, the AIC squad ... the Book of Donahue?


Brian: The 10th ranked men's soccer team received the seven seed in this year's ACC Men's Soccer Championship. Only in the ACC, right?

Jeff: Ridiculous.


Jeff: Since this season is officially over, it's time to think about next year. What are the chances Harris, Kuechly, and Ramsey are all back?

Brian: Not good. At least one of those three won't be back next season.


Brian: Men's hockey will play Northeastern at Fenway Park on January 14. Do you expect the Eagles and Huskies to sell out Fenway?

Jeff: I don't expect but good chance they will.


Jeff: BC hockey had a convincing win last night over Maine. Do the Eagles get the weekend sweep over UMass?

Brian: Certainly.


Brian: Last one. BC's next opponent -- N.C. State -- faces in-state rival North Carolina tomorrow. What are O'Brien and the Pack's chances of beating UNC for the fifth straight time?

Jeff: Not much of a chance at all.


Pick 5


Louisville at West Virginia (-13.5)
Duke (+15.5) at Miami
LSU (+4.5) at Alabama
Stanford (-21.5) at Oregon State
Boise State at UNLV (+43)


Syracuse (+1.5) at Connecticut
North Carolina (-3.5) at N.C. State
Kansas State at Oklahoma State (-21)
South Carolina at Arkansas (-5)
LSU at Alabama (-4.5)