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Paul Myerberg's Refreshing Take On 2011 Boston College Football

I've been struggling to collect my thoughts following last night's embarrassing 38-7 loss to Florida State, a game in which Boston College was outplayed, out coached and out classed in every phase of the game. Then I read Myerberg's latest post entitled This is B.C. Football in 2011, which perfectly summarizes how low this program has fallen in three seasons under Coach Spaz.

Let's take Myerberg's points one at a time.

"At home on Thursday night, against a power program it has battled on even ground since arriving in the A.C.C. in 2005, the Eagles were thrashed and throttled from sideline to sideline, end zone to end zone, in the ugliest 60 minutes of a year defined in woeful 60-minute increments." 

As for the game itself, there's really not much left to say. You could point to the fact that Finch spotted the Seminoles seven points by coughing up the ball on BC's own 2 yard line, or point to giving up another seven points by committing a second fumble at the FSU 1. That 14 point swing wouldn't have made a difference in this one. This was simply the ugliest 60 minutes of the year, and possibly much longer than that.

"This is the gang that couldn't shoot straight but could still yap and yammer with the best of them. The Eagles, 2-6 and well on the way to 2-7, barked like junkyard dogs for a significant portion of last night's one-sided loss."

What in the world was up with all the yapping last night? I understand and appreciate the fact that the coaching staff -- who had already thrown in the towel somewhere between 7-0 FSU and 14-0 FSU -- were not motivating the players. I get that at a certain point, you have to get yourself up for a play or a drive since you aren't getting any spark from the sidelines. But at the same time, guys would tackle an FSU player and then celebrate like we had just won the ACC. Poor form. If this team had any coaching discipline, that stuff would have stopped real quick as soon as one of the players got chewed out when they hit the sidelines.

"One step forward is accompanied by an enormous step back. The Eagles believed they had found the answer to their offensive prayers in offensive coordinator Kevin Rogers, who came to Chestnut Hill from the Minnesota Vikings. An immediate upgrade over his predecessor, Gary Tranquill, some thought - that would be me.

Rogers lasted two games before leaving the program, citing health issues. Depending on who you ask, or how you tend to look at things, it's just as likely that Rogers and the incumbent B.C. staff failed to see eye-to-eye, and the back and leg issues became a convenient fall guy for a relationship that quickly soured. So much for Chase Rettig's projected growth from his freshman to sophomore season."

Refreshing to see a national writer shed some light on a situation that the program, department and local beat writers did everything in their power to sweep under the rug

Myerberg next cites the laundry list of injuries that has plagued this year's BC team, but then correctly points out that these things happen everywhere. Not just at BC. Just look at the Eagles' opponent last night, who have battled a rash of injuries and started a patchwork offensive line last night ... a line that still thoroughly dominated BC in the trenches. 

So who is to blame in all this? 

Blame Spaz. Blame Gene DeFilippo. Blame the administration for allowing the AD to run unchecked as Spaz runs this program into the ground. Blame them all, I guess.

Myerberg thinks that the school and the program have to clean house, and I couldn't agree more. Without some significant changes made throughout the department and this football program, this certainly won't be the last nationally televised embarrassment that Boston College fans will endure. Or maybe it will, when all future Boston College football games are relegated to ESPN3 or NESN and noon kickoffs.