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Former BC Coach Jeff Jagodzinski To Interview For Coaching Position At Tulane

"The One That Got Away" is back in the coaching hunt. After failed attempts in the NFL, Arena Football and college football, Jeff Jagodzinski might be getting another chance. Tulane University, who recently fired head coach Bob Toledo, is in the midst of a nationwide search for a head coach (something Boston College didn't bother to do when they hired Frank Spaziani three years ago).

"Athletic Director Rick Dickson sought opinions from ex-players, donors and alumni and also employed a search firm to vet out prospects. In the first wave, Dickson has looked at mostly familiar names in the Tulane and coaching world: former Green Wave offensive coordinator Rich Rodriguez, former Tulane coach Tommy Bowden, and former Texas Tech coach Mike Leach, according to several sources familiar with the search."

An Athletic Director reached out to his fan base for opinions on Head Coaching candidates? I think we have a better chance of seeing cows fly over Edmonds Hall than counting on Gene DeFilippo to ask his fans what they think about his athletic programs. It's a great idea though, and if BC tanks the rest of this season BC Athletics would be wise to try this out before they lose all their season ticket holders and donors.

Secondly, how it seems that Tulane is interested in coaches that BC fans would die to see at the Heights, but again GDF would never hire in a million years? What does that say about our program when a school in the bottom of Conference USA has better coaching prospects than BC? I understand that most of these coaches come with a tainted legacy that makes hiring them almost impossible.  Leach is a pipe dream because of the conflicts with ESPN, and Rich Rodriguez is kind of insane. But wouldn't either of them be an immediate improvement over Spaz?

Regardless, I hope Jagodzinski gets the job. As we have said here plenty of times, he did a great job here at BC. Maybe a change of scenery will do him good.