Say It With Your Wallet

[Ed. note -- Promoted]

My humble plan is this:

  • Every phone call I get from a BC freshman trying to earn an extra buck and get an alum to donate will end politely and firmly with a "Fire Spaz" (and receive no donation).
  • Each oddly personalized email I get for the BC Fund, the Golden Eagle Fund, The Maroon Duck Fund, Mr. Quigley's Personal Fund, etc, will be responded to with a simple "Fire Spaz."
  • Each letter I get in the mail? Heck, I'll even go as far as to post it back to campus with a message....."Fire Spaz." I'll add the 41 cents for the stamp to the $125k I shelled out to the school for my degree.

You know when I felt like giving the most? When our coach wore absurd leather jackets and we were (briefly) ranked #2 in the nation in football.