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2011 Blogpoll: Week 14 Ballot

We still have to do this thing?

Here is our week 14 SB Nation Blogpoll Top 25 ballot. Not a whole lot of movement this week. Baylor (up 4), Nebraska (up 4) and Michigan (up 3) are the biggest gainers on the week, while Clemson (down 7), Penn State (down 7) and Arkansas (down 5) all drop with losses. Virginia and Notre Dame are out this week, replaced by Florida State and Texas.

Teams encouraging the most disagreement include Boise State (6.36), Penn State (6.36), USC (4.24), Wisconsin (2.83), Clemson (2.83) and Oregon (2.83)

Maybe next week: Southern Miss, West Virginia, Cincinnati, Auburn, Notre Dame, BYU

By conference: 5 SEC, 5 Big Ten, 5 Big 12, 4 ACC, 3 Pac-12, 2 Mountain West, 1 Conference USA

Thoughts / comments, let's hear 'em.