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The Offensive Coordinator Dilemma

Brian: In an interview with Bleacher Report, Doug Flutie offered up some advice on what the Boston College football team should do with respect to the program's offensive coordinator position:

"That being said, offensively, the Eagles have really, really struggled. Gary Tranquill, the offensive coordinator a year ago retired, and they went with a new offensive coordinator [Kevin Rogers] that got ill during training camp and took a leave of absence. They tried to maintain the status quo with the guys they had, and I think that's really hurt them. I think when you're right in the middle of learning a new system, and you lose your new offensive coordinator, it's frustrating from that standpoint.

Defensively, they're a solid football team, but I think they need to go out and hire themselves a big-time offensive coordinator who can really open it up and try to get it explosive."

We may never get the whole story about why Rogers decided to step down after the UCF game, but my guess is he will not return to the team next season. The Eagles currently have Dave Brock serving as interim OC and many seem to think that he'll return next season.

I actually agree with Flutie's advice here. The problem I see is what big-time offensive coordinator is going to step in and take charge of the offense? Spaz made a poor hire in Tranquill and may have not even supported the hire of Rogers in the first place. What coordinator is going to want to step into a situation where two other coaches have failed and have managed an offense that has gone from 98th (2009) to 109th (2010) to 113th (2011) in the nation in total offense?

Do you agree with Flutie's advice? Could BC go out and land an explosive OC like Clemson's Chad Morris that could open it up offensively? Or do you think that given a full year to prepare (and maybe a little more free reign in play calling) that Dave Brock can succeed as Boston College's OC? Your thoughts?

Jeff: Towards the end of the season, against everyone except Florida State, when BC got the ball a 3-and-out was not what I feared every possession. If BC got the ball I at least felt the offense was competent enough to keep the BC on the sidelines long enough to catch their breath even though they might not come away with points. That was a big improvement from earlier in the year and from times last season. Dave Brock having more games under his belt had a lot to do with that success. As Brock called a better game, the offense had more success. Or was it as everyone got more comfortable with each other? Or was it when the team got as healthy as it had been this season that they had more success? Whether it was Dave Brock or just simple continuity which Brock happened to be a part of, it is tough to differentiate between the two as someone outside the program.

From what I've seen, I'd rather have Brock than Tranq. Since we don't need to worry about Tranq we can dream bigger. The obvious pro of keeping Brock around would be allowing an offensive coordinator and a quarterback work together for basically two full seasons. Even Tranq did not get two full seasons with a QB. The football team would have to benefit as a whole from that continuity. But would bringing in someone else outweigh the continuity argument? Quite possibly. I am as on the fence on this one as one can be.

If BC did bring an outside OC in at this point, I do not think that they would go cheap. GDF wants to succeed and he wants Spaz to succeed in particular for whatever reason. We have already struck out on two OC's since Logan so I truly believe that they would ere on the side of overspending rather than bringing in someone unproven. Tranq and Brock both were guys who did not exactly flourish in their previous rolls as OC at BCS schools. If we went outside the of BC again, it would be someone like Rogers who had previous success at a fairly major football program. But this time it would probably be someone who currently serves as an NCAA coordinator.

As it works in most corporations, BC saved some cash by promoting Spaz rather than hiring from outside. Some of this savings needs to be spent supporting Spaz. And as being a former DC for many years, it is not surprising that Coach Spaz needs the help most on the offensive side of the ball. Whether it is a new OC, or just some new other supporting cast members. We need a new proven face or two that can help the offense and open a new recuiting line somewhere. Ultimately, we can out-scheme everyone but if we don't get some top 25 recruiting classes in sooner rather than later, BC will not be able to dream of the Orange Bowl in the future.