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Wise Men Say Only Fools Rush In

Sticks and stones ...

"Fools will say Frank Spaziani should be fired.

They're reactionary observers with a lack of perspective, people who look merely at wins and losses without bothering to recognize the reasons that go into those victories and defeats.


Only fools will say Spaziani should be fired when so much progress was made amid circumstances he couldn't control, and the future looks brighter than the present due to circumstances he could control."

So when a credentialed member of the media toes the party line, it's all in the name of journalistic integrity and media impartiality. But when a blogger takes the opposite stance, one that goes against the current administration, it's chalked up to rumor-mongering from a dude blogging from his mama's basement. Nice.

"There is no more obvious sign of quality coaching than a team's improvement, and BC clearly got better as the season progressed.

After the 1-6 start ..."

Whoa, wait. Stop right there. I thought we weren't looking at just W-L record? Want to know what is equally foolish? Chalking up progress or improvement to wins and losses based on when you play teams on the schedule -- all without any regard to how BC won those games. Example: BC's offense scored less than 20 points in 10 of 11 games against I-A opponents this season, a trend that was more or less constant throughout. Averaged 15.7 points per game against I-A opponents.

You know who also beat Miami? Maryland in the season opener. The Terrapins finished 2-10 as members of the media and current players are already calling for Edsall's ouster.

You know who not only stayed close with but actually beat Notre Dame on the road? South Florida. The Bulls are 5-6 overall and 1-5 in the Big East.

Three wins over the Eagles' last five games does not excuse winning just one game over the first seven, including a home loss to 3-8 Duke (the Blue Devils' lone ACC win over the year), a road loss to a 5-7 Conference USA team, and home losses to a pair of .500 teams in Northwestern and Wake Forest.

But two of those losses were our kicker's fault, right?