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A Thanksgiving Poem From BC Interruption

Turkey (via <a href="">jdolenga</a>)
Turkey (via jdolenga)

Hi everyone, and happy Thanksgiving to you and all of your family and friends. As I laid awake in bed last night, a poem came in my head that I wanted to share with you. I know I am no Emerson or Longfellow and this is kind of a lousy poem of all the things BC that I am thankful for. Consider it my gift to some of the best commenters/readers on SB Nation. Enjoy!


On this Thanksgiving Day we are thankful for....
Our young basketball team, just don't look at the score.

For Chase Rettig and all of his erratic passes
And going to hockey games instead of going to our classes

To Mark Herzlich, now cancer free
And rowdy Notre Dame road trips packed in our RV

To questionable play calls by our football coach
And Reggie Jackson who the NBA had to poach

We are thankful for Jon Meterparel who breaks down all the calls
And Luke Kuechly's instinctual radar for loose balls

For all the well time cheerleader tosses
And for a growing string of bowl losses (at least we made them!)

We are thankful for a fanbase that cares about their sports teams
And hoping that Dave Brock can come up with a workable offensive scheme

And BC men's and women soccer tournament games
That aren't on television, lame.

We are thankful for Tyrese Rice dunks that leave us in awe
And the brilliant predictions of Baldwin Junior, CAW CAW.

For tailgating on Shea Field with family and friends
For calling running plays, not matter the playcalling trends

We are thankful for Doug Flutie, Jared Dudley and Jerry York
And the fact that Conte Forum now sells pulled pork!

For all of our NCAA hockey championships
And the basketball teams dance team, and those hypnotizing hips

We are thankful for the Screaming Eagles marching band
Who no matter the score blast energy for the fans, let's give them a hand

For the Donahue's Disciples and their attempts to fill the student section
And GDF for firing Jeff Jagodzinski for his perceived defection

For last second passes to Andre Callender from Matt Ryan
To Frank Spaziani clock management that leaves me a cryin'

We are thankful for Craig Smith pulling down a huge rebound
And the days when BC basketball could make it past the NCAA opening round

From Brian, Jeff, Conrad, Grant and yours truly, A.J
We wish all the BC Interruption readers a Happy Thanksgiving Day!