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Miami Hurricanes Skipping 2011 Bowl Game

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The University of Miami announced today that the Hurricanes football program will forego a bowl game this season due to the NCAA's investigation into the Nevin Shapiro scandal.

Here's the complete release:

The University of Miami has made the decision to withhold the UM football team from bowl consideration following the 2011 regular season in response to the ongoing NCAA inquiry and has informed both the NCAA and the Atlantic Coast Conference of its decision.

We understand and share the disappointment that our student-athletes, coaches, staff, supporters and fans are feeling but after lengthy discussions among University leaders, athletic administrators and outside counsel, it is a necessary step for our University. The University of Miami has not self-imposed any other penalties.

The team was informed of the decision earlier today and is in preparations for their final game of the season.
As we stated in August, the University of Miami maintains the highest standards in our academic and athletic endeavors and we will remain steadfast in our commitment to building winning programs with the utmost of integrity. We will be more vigilant in our compliance efforts and continue to work cooperatively with the NCAA on the joint inquiry to determine the true facts.

To continue to protect the integrity of the inquiry, the University will not comment further at this time.

"In preparations for their final game of the season." That would be this Friday's season finale against Boston College. I'm sure this won't be the last will hear about this decision leading up to BC's season finale down in Miami Gardens as the U's decision will probably be the dominant storyline for this week's Boston College-Miami game. Because what else are you gonna talk about (besides Flutie's Hail Mary, natch) when 3-8 and 6-5 ACC programs hook up at season's end?

As I wrote back in August, the NCAA investigations into both the Miami and North Carolina programs presented an opportunity for an ACC program like BC to rise up the ACC bowl team totem poll this season. Miami's decision to sit out this bowl season is still an opportunity for bowl-bound ACC programs ... just not 3-8 Boston College. That's a shame considering BC gets passed over by better ACC bowls on a regular basis.

What could have been.