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Dating Red Flags: She Goes To Notre Dame

Recently a BC graduate reached out to BC Interruption in hopes of advertising his blog and eventual book idea. His blog is entitled "100 Red Flags" and the premise is a hilarious looks at warning signs for the perpetually single woman. Good idea, funny premise, but what does it have to do with Boston College sports? Just look at one of the entries

#45: She Went To Notre Dame

Notre Damers - a group of individuals who said to themselves "I really want to go to college so long as men and women are housed in different buildings, my football team underachieves, the weather is terrible, and all students graduate with a degree in smugness".

I almost spit out my coffee when I read that. So very true. Indiana is a dump, filled with corn fields, the Colts, a bunch of Walmarts and not much more. And we all know the story of how overrated the Irish have been for most of the past decade.  Notre Dame starts off ranked in the Top 25 with absolutely no justification other than they are Notre Dame, they lose a bunch of games, and end up with a record similar to Boston College. But don't tell that to an Irish fan, because you'll get a lecture about national championships, Heismans, and how BC and Notre Dame aren't even rivals.  If I had to date a girl who reminded me of this every Saturday I think I would tear my hair out and drink whiskey until my liver shut down.

Even if you are a decent ND grad, you're going to be screwed by perception. Why? Well, at Notre Dame even average-looking girls get treated like royalty by guys. This pampering inflates your ego beyond recognition and makes you think you're hotter than you actually are. Therefore, when we meet a decent-looking Notre Dame girl, we assume she's going to be high maintenance and have a "holier than thou" attitude that she should have left at the feet of Touchdown Jesus.

Man, this blog is just roasting Notre Dame girls. But I love it. Nothing is more aggravating than finding a girl that thinks she's Jennifer Aniston but looks more like the chick from "My Big Fat Greek Wedding". There is more fantastic quotes about ND chicks over at the blog, but I'll leave it up to you to check them out.

The author fails at one point though. When mentioning how these girls can find redeeming qualities he mentions that they should mention other sports and pledge allegiances to professional sports teams over the Irish. All true, I guess I could deal with a girl like this if she rooted for the Browns or Indians, or another pro team. But his final suggestion was:

If all else fails, you still have one option. And lucky for you, it's been scientifically proven to melt men's hearts. It's called the Rudy Card. His inspirational story of overcoming all odds to achieve his dream of playing college football tugs at every guy's heart strings and it's nearly impossible for us to not identify with his story.

Rudy? Oh great, the tiny little inspirational story of a kid who played one play for the Irish played by the hobbit from Lord of the Rings. Who cares? It was a meaningless game play, at the end of a game. You know what Rudy should have done? Studied and got a job. His story is not going to melt my heart, or make me forget that this princess went to Notre Dame. I  If a girl comes up to me and tries to tell me the story of an undersized player who captures the hearts of millions, it better be about Doug Flutie.

So go check out this dude's blog, and when his book comes out cop that too. The writing is really funny, and worth a read. And yes, this entire post was intended to bait Notre Dame fans. Troll away.