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Establishing The Run Against The Irish And The Big Finish

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Brian: The SB Nation blog One Foot Down had some pretty sobering stats in their preview of the Boston College rushing attack.

"The Eagles are currently ranked 88th nationally with a 3.7 yards per carry average and that is with a 372 yard outburst (27.8% of all rushing yards this season) against Maryland a few weeks ago. Take that anomaly out and BC has averaged 3.22 yards per rush---and in every game except two (Wake Forest & Maryland) the Eagles have averaged under 4.0 YPC."

I suppose there's nowhere to go but up, right? Especially considering the Eagles rushed for all of 5 yards on 23 carries at home last season against the Irish.

ATL, however, thinks that sticking with the run and controlling the clock will be one of BC's keys to the game.

The Notre Dame run defense currently ranks 58th nationally, surrendering over 148 yards a game. With both Finch and Williams back, will the Eagles be successful in establishing the run against the Irish D? Will BC be able to move the ball at all tomorrow? Your thoughts?

Jeff: First, yes, the Eagles will be able to move the ball some tomorrow. Does that mean that the Eagles won't have at least 3 3 and outs, no. The Eagles will struggle at times because they simply wouldn't be the 2011 Eagles if they didn't. But the Eagles have played better the last month and the Notre Dame D is no where near the caliber of the Seminoles D. Ranked 58th nationally as a rush D is not very impressive for a team that has scored more than 33 points per game this season. Theoretically, opposing offenses have had to throw more to keep up with the Irish. The question is will the Eagles be able to keep Notre Dame out of the end zone early and stick with their rushing plan? If the defense can do their part, which the last few weeks would indicate they will, the Eagles should be able to rush the ball with Finch and Williams healthy.

Brian: Final score prediction? How do you see this game going down?

Jeff: Do I really expect BC to win Saturday? No. But do I think they have a chance? Absolutely! BC was too thin and Florida State is too good for BC to have competed with the Seminoles four days after traveling to Maryland. This week though the Eagles have a full week to prepare and are as healthy as they get this season. Beating Notre Dame is one of the few things they would be able to hang their hat on this season if they could make it happen. And even though not as many BC fans are traveling for the game because of the team's record, there will still be a good number of fans representing the Eagles. And most importantly, I just wouldn't be a fan if I picked against BC tomorrow. BC goes for two late and wins. 22-21.


Big Finish

Brian: How badly would BC have to lose this weekend to force GDF's hand to make a head coaching move this offseason?

Jeff: If the loss is as bad as Florida State, but it won't be.


Jeff: Trevor Matich said on College Football Live on ESPN that BC's season has been miserable and Notre Dame has no chance of losing thanks to Brian Kelly. Agree with both statements?

Brian: "Miserable" is a little harsh, so no ... and no, absolutely not.


Brian: If you were in charge of an NFL franchise's draft day and had to pick just one LB, objectively, you drafting Manti Te'o or Luke Kuechly?

Jeff: Sorry Luke, I love you, but I am not taking you first overall LB.


Jeff: Hockey is coming off a rough, rough, rough game against Boston U. Can they rebound against the Irish?

Brian: Huge game with PairWise implications. I like the Eagles to win in a close one.


Brian: Both the men's and women's soccer teams are in action this weekend in the NCAA Tournament. Do both programs advance to the next round?

Jeff: Yes, I think they can both advance at this point.


Jeff: Maryland lost by 20 to Alabama last night... IN BASKETBALL! Will it be a rough year for the ACC outside of Duke and North Carolina?

Brian: Yeah, things aren't looking up for ACC hoops this year ... unless we are already counting Syracuse and Pitt.


Brian: Last one. Men's hoops action tonight in Worcester against Holy Cross. Do the Eagles make it 2-0 tonight?

Jeff: Yes they do. Hopefully Donahue's Disciples have a good size group traveling with them to the game tonight.


Pick 5

Jeff: BC at Maryland has been the only time I've thought betting BC was a good play since early this season until tomorrow.

Boston College (+24.5) at Notre Dame
USC (+14.5) at Oregon
Nebraska (+3.5) at Michigan
Penn State (+7) at Ohio State
Miami (pk) at USF


Louisville at Connecticut (-1)
Mississippi State at Arkansas (-13)
Maryland at Wake Forest (-10)
Vanderbilt at Tennessee (+1.5)
Oklahoma (-15.5) at Baylor