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Boston College vs. Northeastern Frozen Fenway Tickets On Sale Tomorrow at Noon

Those of you who would like to attend BC's tilt against Northeastern at Fenway on January 14th, take note: Tickets go on sale tomorrow at noon. You can get your tickets at A couple pointers while you're looking for tickets:

1) If you just want to get in, there are plenty of cheap tickets. If you really want to go, the price will not be the reason you can't get in. Standing room only start at $5, as well as limited view seating. You'll probably end up watching most of the game from one of the many jumbotrons (which, to be fair, are plentiful).

2) If you have the funds, you want to sit as high as possible. You'll notice that prices go up substantially from the "limited view" seating. This is for a reason. When I went in 2010 as part of the BC Pep Band, we were seated in the field box along the third base line. You're close to the field, but it is impossible to see anything. You are actually sitting below the boards and can't see the ice... at all. You have to watch the game based on where every player's torsos are skating. The monster seats and roof box seats, if you can get them, are highly recommended.

A note to those sitting down low: If you don't remember BC getting called for a penalty, but it only looks like we only have four skaters on the ice, fear not. Chances are Gaudreau is on the ice. We're probably about to score.