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BC Interruption's Holy War Viewing Party At Harry's Bar And Grille This Saturday


Attention all readers, and people who come to our website to look at the pretty pictures. If you can remember back in August, BC Interruption crowned Roggies Bar and Grille our Ultimate Boston College bar. During the long, drawn out competition, a Cinderella story emerged that grasped at the heart strings of all us.

Harry's Bar and Grille, located at the corner of Commonwealth Ave and Warren St promised BC fans that they would pull out all the stops to win the tournament. In order to win our votes, Harry's promised to throw a BC-Notre Dame viewing party if they won, and best of all they would allow us BC fans to remove the god awful Notre Dame sign. Well Harry's didn't win, but the staff there still wanted to give BCI fans a party they would never forget.

It's on.

This Saturday. The Holy War. Boston College. Notre Dame. Frank Spaziani. Brian Kelly. And all of you. Game starts at 4:00, so show up early and let's get our drink and food on. I will be there. Unfortunately Brian will not be. They are going to have a Happy Hour appetizer menu--hurray cheap food--, and Brian and I are in the process of getting a new sign. BC may not show up in South Bend, but we can all still have a good time, meet and mingle and remember those good old days of Tony Gonzalez and David Gordon.

Be there.