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2011-12 Boston College Basketball Preview: Upset Bait

Though not much is expected out of this year's basketball team, the Eagles still could sneak up on an opponent or two and snag the upset victory. So what game that BC has no business winning will the Eagles spring the upset?


Ugh, I feel like I should pick Harvard... ha. ha. No, but really. We'll take a completely random and off-the-wall road game for absolutely no reason because of my new favorite BC basketball player, KC "Grizzly" Caudill. He's going to take over a game, Tyrese Rice-style. Let's go with Maryland. Why not?

A.J Black

North Carolina. Ha, no not really. I'm going to say Duke. We get them late in the year at home. Hopefully by that time the team will be clicking more and working better as a unit (hahaha unit).

Conrad Kaczmarek

The thing about teams that shoot as many three pointers as Donahue's squad does is that they can get hot and beat anyone. That being said, I won't make a very bold prediction on this one. I'll go with Florida State because of the slow pace that they play. If BC starts draining their shots early and often, FSU will struggle to score enough points to keep up.

Jeff Martyn

BC will not beat North Carolina or Duke this season and they are the only ranked teams now. BC's best win will end up being Villanova or Miami at home once the season is over.

Brian Favat

So many games to choose from! I'm going to go a little outside the box here and go with BC's January 26 road game at Virginia. For whatever reason, preseason expectations are really high for the Cavaliers this year. I'm not buying the hype just yet. For a program that is just .500 the last two seasons under Tony Bennett, I think the expectations -- fourth in the ACC? -- are way too high for UVA. Bennett's offenses have struggled to put points on the board and the Eagles have won in each of their last two trips to JPJA. If BC gets hot from range, the Cavaliers will struggle to keep pace with the Eagles.