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Boston College Vs. Boston University Hockey Gameday: It's Time For The Beatdown

Why don't you take a seat... just take a seat, right over here... via <a href="">Teka England Flickr</a>
Why don't you take a seat... just take a seat, right over here... via Teka England Flickr

The day has finally come. The day Eagles fans have been looking forward to since the hockey schedule was released, and the day Terriers fans have been lamenting: The first BC/BU hockey game of the year.

Tonight, BU makes their trip up from the scummy end of Comm Ave to our oasis, our Alma Mater, Boston College. Once or twice a year, we invite those less fortunate than ourselves to come to BC to revel in what could have been had they studied a little harder for their SATs.

January 22, 2010. That was the last time Boston University was able to take down our Eagles. That is six hundred and sixty days. 660 days that order has been kept in the universe. 660 days that Boston University has rightfully remained the statistical inferior of Boston College on the ice.

BU comes to Conte Forum as a program in shambles. They started the season as the #6 (Six!) team in USA Today's poll, and proceeded to lose their exhibition against St. Francis Xavier. Their first full weekend of regular season hockey, they went on to embarrass themselves against Providence. Fast forward a week later, BU loses to Holy Freaking Cross. And then, as though they hadn't sufficiently embarrassed themselves enough, fast forward to last weekend where they got pasted by the Lowell Freaking Riverhawks, 7-1. In sum, the Terriers are a team that probably couldn't beat the Little Sisters of the Poor on consecutive nights.

Our Eagles, on the other hand, have continued to be a beacon of excellence in college hockey this season. Boston College currently sits at #2 in the nation behind the Gophers of Minnesota, and soon to vault back into #1 after a cataclysmic beatdown of BU tonight. Much like a baseball player using a batting doughnut to lighten his swing, a tough game against an honest, respectable opponent like Northeastern on Friday was the perfect tune-up for our Eagles tilt against the weak, pathetic rat dogs.

This game will be a blowout. Mark it down in maroon sharpie. We will not be satisfied unless we embarrass the Terriers. It will be a pleasure, an absolute pleasure, to watch the tears of shame fill the eyes of the BU players as they slowly skate off the ice after getting annihilated by this year's college hockey juggernaut.

The only concern for Eagles fans should be for Paul, the rink manager at Kelley Rink. Hopefully BC Athletics provides plenty of manpower to help him clean up the carnage we will leave behind. It's going to get ugly.

Odds for tonight's game:

An Eagle scores a hat trick: 3 to 1
Millan is pulled in favor of Rollheiser (or Rollheiser is pulled for Millan): 3 to 2
Jack Parker assaults a referee: 4 to 1
Jerry York does something wicked classy: OFF THE BOARD
BU fans squeal on every 1-on-4 offensive rush: OFF THE BOARD
A Terrier fan gets ejected: 5 to 1
I get ejected: EVEN