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2011-12 Boston College Basketball Preview: Defensive Player Of The Year

Next up in our basketball season preview series, we predict the Eagles' best defensive player.

Brian Favat

Trick question. There are no verses in the Book of Donahue on defense ...

Jeff Martyn

Gabe Moton was a very good defender and he will be asked to lock down a lot of great guards around the ACC this season. Hopefully he has at least moderate success in doing that.

Conrad Kaczmarek

Ryan Anderson, if for no other reason than the fact that he has all of the tools to be a strong defensive player. There aren't really any other players on this roster that possess the athleticism and size to be defensive stoppers in the ACC. I'm not familiar with how good Anderson's defensive instincts or shot-blocking abilities are, but if they are at least passable, he should be a good defender.

A.J Black

Again I want to say Dennis Clifford, but he is going to need to put on some weight and muscle if he wants to bang under the hoops against ACC ready centers. Heckmann again seems strong, but my choice is going to be Ryan Anderson. I base my choice based purely on intuition. Really I don't have a reason.


Going with KC Caudill again. Solid two way player in high school with over 3 blocks per game as a senior. Like I said, the guy looks like a bear and probably plays D like one. Future superstar. Put it down in sharpie. Because he looks like a bear.