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2011-12 Boston College Basketball Preview: Offensive Player Of The Year

Over the next several days leading up to Boston College's 2011-12 opener against New Hampshire, the BC Interruption writing team will discuss a few topics heading into this season. First, we discuss which player we think will be offensive player of the year / this year's leading scorer.


Who the heck are these guys? The only name I even recognize is John Cahill. Didn't he not even have his name on his jersey for most of his career? Seems like a nice guy, maybe I should pick him? I think I'm going with KC Caudill though. Big, big dude. Looks like a bear. Dude's going to do some damage I think.

A.J Black

Part of me wants to say Dennis Clifford. He's a big, could get some easy low post points, and seems to handle the ball well. But as we saw last year Steve Donahue would much rather have his players shoot the 3, so my choice is Patrick Heckmann. He seems game ready even before the start of the season, especially with his time on the German national team. I think he will be a leader on offense, and be the go to guy down the stretch.

Conrad Kaczmarek

I'll have to go with Matt Humphrey. He looks about as polished as any player on the team (which isn't saying much) and should be the leader on offense. When you have a team with so many new players, it's very hard to determine how the scoring will be distributed. Because Humphrey is the most mature (basketball-wise) and has the most experience of any players slated to get significant minutes, I expect him to be the Eagles' most consistent offensive "threat."

Jeff Martyn

Patrick Heckmann. There is so little we know about this team so this is really a shot in the dark. Our leading scorer will be a guard and he led the guards in scoring in the first exhibition.

Brian Favat

I'm with Conrad on this one. I think Oregon transfer Matt Humphrey will lead this team in scoring and be the Eagles' offensive scorer. He's not going to run the point and isn't a bigger physical player that can play the 3, but I think he's going to go off at times from beyond the arc. At Oregon, he showed the ability to score in bunches but was a pretty streaky shooter. I'm optimistic that with a change in scenery, a new coach, a new offensive system that better suits his talent and with a year on this team already under his belt, I think Humphrey's experience at Oregon will make him BC's leading scorer in 2011-12.