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Boston College Vs. Maryland Attendance Was Awful (Just How Awful Was It?)

The listed attendance for last Saturday's Boston College-Maryland game was 29,945. The Washington Post's Eric Prisbell wrote that there "appeared to be no more than 10,000 fans at Byrd Stadium." But after looking at these photos from the Nat Enquirer, 10,000 might have been extremely generous.

It's unclear whether the Maryland athletics department counted more than 15,000 snowmen in the final listed attendance total.

This has prompted a round of criticism from Terps writers about the lack of fan support.

"Saturday's abject eyesore, where lower-level tickets at Byrd Stadium were going for a penny on StubHub? That's more than frigid, rotten weather. That's unacceptable."

Snow storm or no, the Terps fan support on Saturday was pathetic, and that is coming from a Boston College fan.

In fact, based on the listed attendance alone, Boston College has played in front of a smaller home crowd just two times in the last 10 seasons -- the 2009 home game against Kent State (25,165) and the 2006 home game against Buffalo played in a monsoon (14,682).

Here are the ten road games more lightly attended than Eagles-Terps over the last ten years (that is, if you believe the listed attendance total from this past Saturday).

10. 2010: at Duke (29,465)
9. 2004: at Wake Forest (29,461)
8. 2006: at Central Michigan (25,418)
7. 2004: at Ball State (23,718)
6. 2006: at Miami (Fla.) (23,308)
5. 2003: at Temple (21,862)
4. 2010: at Wake Forest (21,420)
3. 2002: at Temple (14,278)
2. 2004: at Temple (14,081)
1. 2001: at Rutgers (13,012)

Big East era Temple football FTW.