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GDF Manages To Piss Off UConn Fans Even More Than Boston College Fans

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After reading this morning's Bladschun column on ACC expansion in the Globe, The UConn Blog's Andrew Porter is about ready to have himself a brain aneurysm.

"You know why it was a matter of turf? Because BC is terrible. They are a rotting, fetid corpse of a by-gone era, where the northeast mattered in football and it didn't matter if your alumni didn't go to games and your city ignored you. They're an anachronism. They're Villanova with less football success and a bigger stadium. They won't play us because we're better than them and the don't want anyone to know that we've surpassed them."

You would have thought that UConn would have figured out that name-calling doesn't get you anywhere 8 years ago. Old habits die hard, I guess.

But mark their words, UConn is getting into the ACC ... eventually. And when they do, BC better sleep with one eye open.

"By virtue of the fact that they were traitors before it was cool, BC can block UConn from moving to the Big East, but they're not going to be able to do it forever. People in the ACC want UConn, and if another round of conference expansion comes, there won't be a lot of options other than us. I get why BC is blocking us. No one wants to be the Washington St. of the east coast, but that's where BC is headed if UConn gets into the ACC. That invitation may never come, but if it does the Eagles are in trouble, because there are clearly times when your ability to stab someone in the back on a conference call really matters, but a football or basketball game isn't one of them."

You've been warned, Gene.