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Boston College Football Seeks Redshirt Waivers For Montel Harris And Kaleb Ramsey

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Not that it is of any surprise, but Boston College today applied for redshirt status for Montel Harris and Kaleb Ramsey effectively calling it a season for both of the seniors. BC Athletics tweeted out confirmation earlier this afternoon:

@BCFootballNews: BC will seek medical redshirt status from NCAA for RB Montel Harris, DT Kaleb Ramsey.

That basically removes any talk of Montel Harris returning this year. If you remember I was yammering that they should have redshirted him after the first game of the season. But I think in this case Spaz did the right thing, and let Harris try to play on it. Obviously it wasn't healed to the extent it needed to be, and Harris had to be shut down again. Still doesn't answer the question about Harris returning next year, but you have to believe that BC talked to Montel about returning before they applied for the redshirt.

Kaleb Ramsey on the other hand has been plagued by a foot injury all season. He played limited minutes in the opener against Northwestern with only one assisted tackle. His absence has been one of the many reasons BC's pass defense has been so putrid this season. Boston College is 108th in the country in sacks, only recording two more than Minnesota, Navy, Arizona, UAB and New Mexico who have fewer.

Hopefully both Ramsey and Harris will be back next season. Who will be coaching them is a whole other question.

Update: Frank Spaziani has come out with an official comment on the injuries:

"After speaking with Montel, Kaleb and our medical personnel, we decided to seek hardship waivers for both student-athletes," head coach Frank Spaziani said in a statement. "Our doctors have stated their injuries will preclude both from returning for the remainder of this season. Both have expressed a desire to return for an additional year. We will begin the process immediately. This will enable Montel and Kaleb to concentrate on healing from their injuries and, hopefully, return for injury-free senior seasons."