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Clemson 36, Boston College 14: Post Game Thoughts

That was exactly what I expected to happen.

Boston College came out flat, let Clemson have their will with them at the beginning of the game and never recovered. To be fair I had no idea that it would stay within two scores for most of the game. BC looked horrible to start, falling behind 17-0 in the first quarter. The biggest shift in the game had to be the injury of Tajh Boyd who left the game on a cart after an injury to his hip. His replacement, freshman QB Cole Stoudt did a respectable job but allowed the Eagles to crawl back into the game. In the end BC couldn't string together enough successful drives to win the game or even cover the spread. And so here we are six weeks into the season looking at our fifth loss.

What went well?  Bobby Swigert had quite a game. Chase Rettig has finally found his go-to receiver. Swigert caught 7 passes for 93 yards and would have had two touchdown if it wasn't for an unbelievably stupid hands to the face penalty on Ian White. Tahj Kimble and Rolandan Finch did a serviceable job, but the running game was practically irrelevant after the defense spotted the Clemson offense 17 points to start.

On the defensive side of the ball there were a few bright spots. Of course there was Luke Kuechly who finished the game with 14 tackles, and was two inches away from recording his first forced safety. Max Holloway also had a solid game, especially when Stoudt entered the game. Kevin Pierre-Louis could have changed the game if he could have intercepted that pass that was thrown right into his hands. Spiffy Evans also did well returning kickoffs.

On the negative side of the game, the offensive line was a mess again. They had periods where they looked presentable, but by the end of the game they looked completely lost against a fast Clemson defense. In the fourth quarter the Tigers defensive front was in the backfield on the snap of the ball and Rettig was getting killed. What is the deal with Sean Devine? This offensive line has the size to be good, but have been overwhelmed every game this season.

Chase Rettig again had a 50/50 game. He made some good passes, but his arm punt into the end zone cost BC points.

The secondary is an absolute mess. They can not stop anyone. Sammy Watkins had 152 yard receiving, while tight end Dwayne Allen had 50 yards receiving.

Finally, BC's special teams unit continues to confuse me. Why did Spaz squib it with over a minute left in the half, when Ryan Quigley showed that he can consistently kick it deep?

This season is basically over. Unless BC can sweep the remainder of its schedule, the Eagles are not going to a bowl game. We now have to look forward to shocking someone in an upset. Who will it be? Miami? Maryland? Florida State?

Spaz isn't going anywhere. We can crow about it, but he is going to at least finish the season here.  Will we see any improvement from here on out? There has yet to be a consistent offensive game plan against a FBS team. Will we see one before the end of the year? Whatever it is, the end of this season can't come fast enough.

Then again it could be worse. We could be Florida State fans.