Boston College Football: Interim Coaching Candidates

[Ed. note -- Front page'd]

This season is already circling the toilet, and since everyone not named Gene DeFilippo is in agreement that Frank Spaziani is Dead Coach Walking, it's time to examine some possible interim candidates, ranging from the possible to the absurd.


1. Ryan Day - Wide Receivers Coach, Boston College

Day actually has a background that would suggest he knows something about offense. One time rumored to be BC's offensive coordinator before Grandpa Tranquil, Day has studied under Chip Kelly during his time at New Hampshire and served as a GA for Urban Meyer at Florida. So, presumably, he might be able to salvage something out of an offense that is increasingly putrid.

2. Dave Brock - Offensive Coordinator, Boston College

Because some has to. Theoretically, Brock has coached some talent before during his stop at Kansas State.

3. Bill McGovern - Defensive Coordinator, Boston College

Because if Brock can't, might as well turn the keys over to a guy whose tenure at BC is second only to that of Spaz. And we know that Gene can't pass up a BC guy.

4. Tom O'Brien - Head Coach, N.C. State

Because Debbie Yow has more stones than GDF, she may give TOB the heave-ho before Gene does the same to Spaz, which means that TOB could bring Dana Bible back to run the BC offense. Who thought they'd yearn for the days of the Dana Bible offense?

5. Jeff Jagodzinski - Former Head Coach, Omaha Nighthawks

Think he wouldn't love to come back to the Heights, given the direction his career has gone in the last three years? And since it'd only be a six-game gig, Jags wouldn't have to worry about his biggest bugaboo at BC, recruiting.

6. Eric Taylor - some Philadelphia high school; former head coach, East Dillon H.S.

After multiple titles in the state of Texas, Coach Taylor clearly knows how to inspire young men. His record in one-possession games in just about spotless. After heading to the East Coast, could he perhaps be persuaded to bring his family further up the coast? His daughter did explore attending BC, for what it's worth.

7. Gene DeFilippo - Athletic Director, Boston College

He likes having input on assistant coaching hires, this much is known. GDF started out as a football assistant coach, putting in nine years of work at Tennessee, Youngstown State and Vanderbilt. Certainly, taking the reigns of the program would turn some attention towards BC - and who knows, maybe if GDF were on the sidelines, fans would show up early. But I doubt it.