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Boston College Vs. Clemson Football: Predictions Roundup

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CLEMSON, SC - SEPTEMBER 17:  Fans of the Clemson Tigers cheer on their team against the Auburn Tigers at Memorial Stadium on September 17, 2011 in Clemson, South Carolina.  (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)
CLEMSON, SC - SEPTEMBER 17: Fans of the Clemson Tigers cheer on their team against the Auburn Tigers at Memorial Stadium on September 17, 2011 in Clemson, South Carolina. (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)
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Here is a smattering of some of the predictions going around on the internet. So you're saying Clemson wins going away, right? Right.

Clemson wins going away (Shakin The Southland)
If Clemson doesn't win going away, I will be surprised and will be concerned.  Boston College has been nothing less than hot garbage to date and is missing a critical player in Harris.  With ACC Coastal foes Georgia Tech and North Carolina coming up following the trip to College Park next Saturday, Clemson should use this as a breather and assure its foothold as a player in the ACC and NCAA football world.

Clemson 37, Boston College 19 (Seldon Used Reserve)
If my prediction comes true many on the national level (and a ton of Clemson blogs/fans) will see it as the Tigers not handling success well and this will present an opportunity for the doubters to score a few points.  I will see the opposite.  I will see a Clemson team that won’t play their best yet will still win comfortably.  I will see a team with too many playmakers and athletes to lose a game like this and that wasn’t the case last year on the road in Chestnut Hill (obviously). 

Clemson 30, Boston College 14 (
This is the other game that has the upset alert on it, only because there's the theory that Clemson is due of a letdown after winning against Auburn, Florida State, and Virginia Tech. But what if this is the year that Clemson actually doesn't falter? Could that be possible? I'm banking on that. Tahj Boyd has already established himself as one of the best QB's in the ACC, and the running game has been solid. Boston College is nowhere near where you would expect them to be. What normally is a strong running game is one of the worst in the country, and the passing game is subpar. In other words, BC can't move the ball. I could see Clemson getting out of the gates slow like they did in their first three games, but get it going in the second half and pull away.

Clemson 34, Boston College 10 (Soaring To Glory)
I don’t suspect that Clemson will pull a complete no-show, but who knows, it may be hard for them to get up for this game after beating three ranked teams in a row. Whatever the case may be, I do expect a comfortable Tigers win. If Clemson mails it in, they’ll win by a touchdown or so. If they play BC like they’d play another Top 10 team, they’ll win by 4 or 5 touchdowns

Clemson 42, Boston College 10 (Eagle in Atlanta)
I want to win. I want to win in the worst way. I know the danger in a strong second half is that we might not fire Spaz, but that doesn't matter to me at this point. These games have become painful and dull. It would be nice to have BC feel real again for a game or two. As much as I hope though, I don't see it. I think Clemson runs away with this game.

Clemson 38, Boston College 16 (
The threat of a Clemson letdown is real, but just not against this week’s opponent. The Tigers will get a break by playing at home versus a vastly inferior team. Boston College has already fallen at home to Duke and Wake Forest, an indication of its 2011 struggles. The diverse Clemson offense and improving D will be too much for a second-rate visitor. The Tigers will crank up an attack that took a week off in Blacksburg, peppering BC with close to 500 total yards and five trips into the end zone. 

Clemson 31, Boston College 17 (ESPN ACC Blog)
Clemson 31, Boston College 17: BC’s defense will keep it respectable, but Clemson is just too good. The Tigers are faster, more athletic, and have more options offensively. BC linebacker Luke Kuechly can’t be held responsible for the likes of quarterback Tajh Boyd, receiver Sammy Watkins AND tight end Dwayne Allen, just to name a few.

Clemson 38, Boston College 10 (Phil Steele)
CU became the 1st ACC school to defeat 3 consec ranked opponents in Aub, FSU and VT. Coming into LW CU was avg 38 ppg and 506 ypg. Clemson has all the edges here (off #18-90, def #34-49 and ST #29-88). Clemson is a hot team as they return to Death Valley and take care of the Eagles.

Clemson 38, Boston College 7 (D1scourse)
The Eagles turned their 2010 season around with a surprise victory over Clemson. Will it happen again? Don't count on it. A lackluster performance would constitute a "That's So Clemson" moment, but the Tigers still possess advantages all over the place. It's difficult to imagine Boston College (likely without Montel Harris) thriving in Death Valley.

Clemson 37, Boston College 10 (ACC Sports Journal)
It's a matchup of the best and the worst team in the ACC and the best team has a home-field advantage.

Clemson 45, Boston College 17 ... and other similar beatdowns (ACC Blogger)
With Montel Harris and possibly Andre Williams out, the pressure goes all on sophomore quarterback Chase Rettig...a strategy Clemson employed last week with Logan Thomas in Blacksburg (with great success). The Tigers are saying all the right things about taking it a game at a time with all the hype upon them - Saturday, we see if they're practicing what they preach.

USA Today's Week 6 Picks
Clemson across the board.